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The Guidance You Need to Address Porn Use

You know that people in your ministry are watching porn, and you know that porn use hinders spiritual growth and healthy relationships. But figuring out how to effectively help people overcome porn and find freedom can be overwhelming.

We’re committed to providing resources for pastors and ministry leaders that will help you understand porn addiction recovery and prevention so your people can heal from sexual sin and experience an abundant life.

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Our Ministry Leaders Guidebook Series will help you learn the risks of porn addiction and help you provide resources that lead to recovery and prevention, so your people can heal from sexual sin and experience an abundant life.

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Train Your Staff on the Science of Porn

Church leaders often rightly focus on the sinfulness of pornography use. But what about the physical effects? Romans 1:24-25 talks about how, after people sin unrepentantly, God actually turns them over to even worse sins. With porn, you can actually see this happen, both neurochemically and psychologically.

Sign your staff up for our Porn Education for Ministry Staff. This brief course, used by churches and organizations like ABWE, is designed to quickly give your entire leadership team an overview of multiple aspects of porn. This course will also help you clearly articulate expectations regarding your staff and porn use, including porn addiction recovery and consequences.

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Help Your Church Protect Their Homes

God designed the home to be the primary place of training and protection, where children learn to love God and follow Him in obedience and joy. But so often parents are distracted by their own technology abuses, such as pornography, that they forget to take action to protect and prepare their kids for when they see porn.

Covenant Eyes invites you to host your very own “Safe Home Sunday,” an annual initiative that will give the parents in your church the guidance they need to raise their kids to make wise choices in a constantly-connected world.

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