348 thoughts on “Win a Free DVD: Talking to Your Kids About Pornography

    • This is good for all families.
      Most of the 80’s kids of the sex, drugs, and rock era have kids of their own. Every dad who has sex addictions will pass it on to his son. Now that kids get porn on their cell phones it is an epidemic that has infected every family in America. With the exception of the communities that do not believe in or do not use technology. It is like the spread of a deadly virus, only it is worse because it consumes both flesh and soul. We need all we can get in order to save our families.

    • Having just started a Men’s Group at my church this would be a great resource, not only for us but to share with other local groups.

    • I agree. The word really needs to get out. I think lots of people have no idea just how much of an epidemic this is.

  1. Although my wife and I are both committed Christians, we know our children have been exposed to pornography either via smart phones, magazines, or online websites.
    I believe having this resource available to our children would be a great “wake up” call and prompt further open discussion with us. I would also like to share this with a group of men I meet with on a weekly basis; all of whom identify themselves as sex addicts. Without exception, their addiction began with pornography. As a group leader and a man who is recovering from the trauma of sex abuse and exposure to pornography, I would like to integrate this DVD as a topic of discussion.

  2. My son has decided that he wants to remain a virgin until he is married and my Husband and I are very proud of him. I think this resource would be a wonderful tool for us to use as a guide to help him achieve the dream in his heart to remain pure and save his self for his wife. My Husband and I have talked to him about pornography but feel very uncomfortable having these talks. So maybe this CD will give us some tips that make discussing this topic with our son/children much easier.

  3. I believe this DVD will be a great addition to my covenant eyes subscription. Any ideas and tools hat go along with Covenant eyes will only help protect my children even more. The more resources he better and I am sure this DVD goes great along side The Covenant Eyes filter. Thanks

  4. This sure would be wonderful to have, I had a teenager who went through this and I was in shock. I had a hard time in handling it, I could really use any info to be on guard with my second child.
    Thank you.

  5. I speak to thousands of students and hundreds of parents about chastity each school year. We address pornography, sexting, premarital sex… you name it. I would love to learn from and recommend this DVD!

  6. I recently became a youth minister and I am also the senior class CCD teacher. Our pastor has mentioned that pornography is a growing concern. I think this DVD would be a great resource for our parish to help make aware the real problem of pornography and the issues it causes in to future not just for the person suffering with it but those around them as well. Many don’t realize the damage it causes for our relationships not just with significant others but with our family, friends, and most importantly Christ.

  7. I am director of youth ministry and would love to share this with the youth at St John’s Roman Catholic Church in east Stroudsburg P.A.

  8. In a generation where pornography is so easily available via internet, these children need it more than ever to know the consequences of viewing this material. It will not be wiped out of their memory but rather will be etched in for years to come. The “authentic” love between two people will turn into “idealistic” and “artificial” love. I believe this DVD will offer an excellent guide to parents, mentors, and other youthful counselors on how to deal with this situation both before the problem arrives and after it is a known problem.

    • I am a youth group leader as a teacher-in-training, I believe this would provide me with a ressource to both use and lend parents.

  9. I have 3 young’uns who are cyber literate and adventuresome. Convenant Eyes will definitely go a very long way in protecting them online.

    Thanks and more power!

  10. Having 3 boys to raise in my house, I definitely worry about pornography. They are all Internet savvy & want the latest & greatest. This book will be a huge help!!

  11. My husband & I don’t have kids yet, but we have lots of friends who do, and we also minister and counsel in our local church. This would be a great resource to have on hand!

  12. We as Youth leaders need to know what the TRUTH is. When it is revealed, you won’t have an excuse to live a LIE(in darkness) anymore. Thank Jesus!

  13. This sounds like a valuable resource! As a Licensed Clinician Social Worker, I see the affects, first hand, of unfiltered TV and media. Our sexualized culture affects the brain, attitudes, behaviors, and families in so many negative ways!

  14. As a campus pastor, my peers and I are always looking for great resources to recommend to each other, our families, and supporting churches. This would be a great tool to use in our homes as well as to educate those around us!

  15. Would love to win b/c we are launching a family ministry at our church. Part of the strategy to equip parents is a series of culture seminars we are doing. Looking at doing one on internet safety and another that specifically deals w/porn. Would love to have this to use and to resource parents with!!!

  16. Let our youths know the TRUTH. It will only set them Free from sin and bondage. Choosing to remain chaste and sanctified for the LORD(that is: a vessel meet for the Master’s use.

  17. I’m certain this DVD kit will be immediately useful in our family. I’m the father of four children with one son currently in high school. Frankly, I’m amazed and shocked at the many stories I hear about these issues, sometimes starting with grade school children. I’m determined, along with my wife, to be a well-informed and proactive parent, doing everything I can to appropriately protect my children from the dark side of the Internet.

  18. I am a mother of three teenage sons ages 14,14 (twins) & 12. We have discussed pornography, sexting and premarital sex… all very uncomfortable but necessary subjects. I’d love to be able to share this DVD with them to further the discussion. They also belong to a Wednesday night bible study that just started the theme of “purity”. This DVD would be a great addition to that study. I pray for all of our boys, their hearts, minds and spirits. Thanks for making this DVD available! As parents, we could all use a little help :)

  19. As a mentor to other men who are enslaved to their addiction to pornography, the one common link between us all, is our addiction began at an early age. The sooner we can teach parents and adults as to the dangers that exist, the sooner we can hopefully protect our kids and help them avoid the misery and heartache that is a result of this addiction. Freedom from this addiction is possible but it is definitely a spiritual battle!

  20. I serve as a NextGen Rep. for our Christian Denomination and I would love to have this DVD to resource our churches so that they can then resource their families. There is such a need and all help is appreciated. Thank you!

  21. My responsibility as a good parent is to love, nurture and protect my son from all the garbage our society throw at us so carelessly and it’s tough to let your child socialize with other kids who’s parents don’t have the same standards or core values. We set up rules at home and on the internet but it’s shocking what other parents allow. It adds to the peer pressures we constantly have monitor and defend why we are not like everyone else. I have been looking for a good and solid resources to help protect my family when I can’t always be there. Thank you for providing that protection!

  22. I think it is great what covenant eyes are doing. So many parents are oblivious how much pornography or soft porn is out there. You can even find it on dictionary.com in its advertisements. Not an even an online dictionary is safe! I really want to get this to give away to a few of my friends who just recently became parents. Thanks

  23. I work with sixth, seventh and eighth grade students and their parents. The resources from this organization have been invaluable. We hope to run some parent workshops this year and would love to use your materials. Thank you.

  24. We need to be prepared rather than refusing to talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, elephants are large and–excuse the pun–include some gray areas, but they will do damage in the china shop if we do not address the issue.

  25. I am a father of 3 boys. I have struggled all my life with pornography and have had a VERY hard time being able to stop. Covenant eyes has really helped me in this battle. I REALLY do not want my sons to have to go through this so I believe that his DVD would be helpful so I could learn better ways to protect them in this pornographic world.

  26. Hi – We do presentations to highschool and senior elementary schools and church youth groups. This would be a great tool for us. In addition we are fighting to get porn filters put on computers at our libraries here in London, Ontario, Canada

  27. Having struggled with this temptation as an adult, I can only imagine how difficult it is for an unsuspecting, and naive child. I want to protect my kids from this for as long as possible. We need tools like this. it is scary how accessible this stuff is.

  28. These are troubling times. Pornography and other threats abound on the internet. How does a parent protect his little ones? I think CovenantEyes is doing a great job giving parents the resources they need to fight the battle.

  29. I am so excited about this! We are about to be first time parents and were JUST talking about this subject not 2 weeks ago! What a fabulous resource!!

  30. As a Pastor of Student Ministries and a Pastor for Bangor Christian Schools this is a problem that is running rampant among our teens! I know I have used a lot of material from covenant eyes before and I would guess that this content would also be extremely helpful.

  31. Protecting the freedom of our children to grow up and learn the beauty of love free from the chains of lust is worth a fight and this program is a great tool to do that!

  32. I have a 8 and 10 yo daughters. My family was directly affected by online pornography. This DVD will enormously help educate my girls about the subject. I would even share it with my friends who have kids and let them know of the importance of being informed.

  33. I can’t take the chance with my grandchildren by not doing anything. This dvd set chould be in the hands of every father and mother. Years ago we did not have this resource available. Now that we do, let’s use it!

    • Hi Brian. We only block Facebook and Twitter when your Filter is set to the default level of Y (Youth). Of course, specific pages on Facebook or Twitter might be blocked based on the content, but the standard rating for those websites is T (Teen). There are 6 levels to choose from. You can learn more about setting up the filter how you want.

  34. I would love to review and use this material. I am an associate pastor and work primarily with newly married couples and young adults. I think this information is critical for those starting their families!

  35. I have been married to a man who is addicted to porn for 30 years, I just want to know he is not doing this in my house. I have 3 sons and 2 granddaughters too, it is an evil disease.

  36. I have an hour and a half teaching to teens and a two hour teaching to parents and adults on Internet Safety. I would very much like to check out your teaching to see what parallels we have. Be blessed!

  37. Why is it almost all women commenting here? Men – we know the problem; let’s stay in this fight! All helps are welcome for me and my crew of boys.

  38. I think this would be beneficial to us due to the place we work
    for. We are considered “house parents” to home of teenage boys in which we teach them how to deal with daily struggles whether its behaviorally or personnel issues. I know a number of youth in our home struggle with pornography and it would be helpful to my husband and I in order to learn how talk to them about those struggles. Equipping them with tools for life struggles that are biblically based is something we are passionate about!!!

  39. This will be a valuable resource for me because I want to protect my family – especially my children – from the harmful effects of pornography. It is so much more prevalent than I always thought, and I want to take an offensive, not a defensive, stance against it.

  40. Even though I am not a parent myself, I know plenty of people who are, and I would like nothing better than to give them a resource that can equip them to help their sons and daughters make better choices than some of the ones I made as a youth.

  41. I work with grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. We recently did an Internet Safety workshop. We all felt overwhelmed and now that we know the danger, we are looking for resources to protect our grandchildren.

  42. This is such a critical gap in the culture of American Christianity. We need to be talking about purity or we will set up the next generation for failure.

  43. As the wife of a man who has struggled with porn addiction, I feel it is very important to have as many resources available to us as we help our daughters grow up in such a compromised and unhealthy world!

  44. i know too many storeis of kids who watched porn on the internet once, sometimes they found it by mistake and have been in bondage ever since.

  45. I feel deeply distressed when I see and think about the kind of world that this generation is growing up in. I have four kids of my own and am doing my utter best to direct and instill in them morals and values and build and strengthen their spiritual.lives to keep them guarded from all the evilness of this world. It is a battle against the and porn is leading men and women’s to trade their souls to the devil and I and so many parents out there are fighting against it. Parents and God’s people; Be Strong and Don’t Give Up. And Pray,Pray,pray…God Help Us.

  46. As a 33 yr. old virgin waiting to have sex. I have both seen and experienced the ravages of sin and pornography first hand in my life. This kit would be a blessing to give me more insight into haw to keep future generations from going down the same destructive path i once was on. I was told by one brother that since i never had sex before and I wasn’t seen to often with a woman in my life it was assumed that i didn’t deal with the issue of lust and porn and masturbation but the truth was i struggled with it for good piece of my life before i came out of it and the blessed part is i still never engaged in premarital sex while struggling with it. Thank God I still came out of that trap with my virginity and still waiting till marriage before I have sex.

  47. Covenant Eyes has it right. Accessing pornographic material is inevitable in a world of uncontrolled internet access. The question, then, is, ‘How can parents take a appropriate control?’ This is what I’d like to learn from the company full of great solutions.

  48. We have a young daughter, so my wife and I would like to prepare early rather than later. We would also like to be able to recommend this to other families.

  49. Sadly, the church seems to be the most trusting and naive when it comes to internet use with children. Parents just assume that because their kids have accepted Christ as Savior, they simply will not be exposed to porn. tragedy. I want to have a parent night to show this video!!

  50. I would love this DVD as a resource for a Parent’s seminar at church. I would also like to include at as part of our “Foundations” church curriculum that we use for new believers and church membership. I often print and share many Covenant Eyes emails and articles and give to people as resources.

  51. Sadly, years of offering Bible based counseling have allowed me to step into the lives of young people and adults oppressed by pornography’s strong grip all too many times.
    Resources such as these allow me additional quality tools in my personal counseling arsenal as well as tools to place in the hands of those wishing to bear the burden in a loved one’s life or to enhance their skills at preventing these life-dominating appetites from taking root.

  52. As a father of boys I need to teach them to be honourable young men, to lead them into all truth, and to be for them a role model. This means my leading is based in me not presuming they will learn by osmosis but by practical and careful instruction. This type of resource would be a helpful tool in my house.

  53. This DVD would be a great resource for families, discipleship, and accountability groups. I would like have this to use with people I already meet with on a regular basis about purity.

  54. I have a 16 y3ar old that spends a lot of time online. We keep a close eye on her activity, but it keeps me up nights worrying about what we’re missing.
    This would be a great resource to help with those worries.

  55. I’ve already started talking to my kids about the bad stuff they can find on the internet and why we have filters and CE installed on all our devices, but any additional resources that I could use is an added bonus. Thank you for producing this product.

  56. Pornography is not an issue we can afford to ignore. We have three sons approaching their teen years, and I am so thankful that my husband is committed to trusting God to help him resist the temptation of pornography, as this is a value he will pass on to our boys. I love the accountability of Covenant Eyes, and would love to have additional resources to help in the initiation of conversations with our sons. Many of our Christian friends have already borrowed the resources that we have collected on purity and dealing with the temptation of pornography. Thankyou Covenant Eyes for all the work that you do as a tool to help people to be accountable in an effort to ‘set no vile thing before [their] eyes’.

  57. In the near future, I will be launching a ministry directed towards teens, young adults and parents to specifically address the “hard” issues. I’m still pretty young, but it’s unbelievable how many individuals I’ve encountered who are drowning in pornography and desiring freedom. I would use this DVD as an additional resource in some of the very small schools and churches I will be working with and would love to use it to encourage other parents and youth leaders and Christian school educators and pastors to buy your product as well.

  58. Though I do not have kids yet, I’ve wondered the best way to teach them about pornography and how to stay away from it.

    This dvd kit sounds great!

  59. I think pornography is a serious problem and it is difficult to talk about with your kids. I think these dvd’s would be a huge blessing for my family, and open up communication.

  60. I would love to have this material to help us hold discussions with my four children! This is a difficult time to grow up and keeping their hearts and minds pure especially when they are bombarded with obscene things on-line which are so easily accessible!

  61. My wife and I have two boys and would also really like to share this with parents at our church. I also do men’s meetings who are recovering from this addiction and would love to share it with them as well.

  62. I work with Jr. High at our church and see this as a good resource for myself and my ability to help other parents understand this topic.

  63. We, as parents, ALL need this kit in the homes and Covenant Eyes on ALL devices … even those that us as parents use … :) in this digital age it’s just way to easy to “slip up” … trust me … I have been there … not fun … I love having Covenant Eyes watching everything we do :)

  64. As a freshmen college Sunday School teacher, and as a father of two girls, I think that I would greatly benefit from this discussion, as would any Christian seeking to make disciples both inside and outside of their home.

  65. Not only would this be a great resource for me and my family but as a pastor it would also equip me to help other families in my church and community.

  66. Many thanks for this oportunity to win this DVD set. It’s so needed in these times to speak about this with the kids, and protect them for all of this.

  67. Any resource will be helpful. This is the biggest threat to today’s church and the media accepts it as normal. And many churches ignore this issue.

  68. My church has many families with young children. Parents try to keep their children involved in God-honoring activities. Our culture is indeed over-sexualized and I’m not sure if some parents truly realize how easy it is for children (and spouses) to access porn. I think this DVD will help educate parents and drive them to be proactive for their marriages and for their children.

  69. I think this might be a crucial resource for my husband and I as we teach and mentor the youth in our church. Pornography and sexual purity are topics we deal with all the time and I pray that, by God’s grace, we might respond in a way that pleases Him and spurs our youth on towards holiness.

  70. Our son is 13 and we suspect from the Covenant Eyes reports that he is looking at inappropriate pictures on Google Images. We have talked to him about it and he knows we get the reports. He says he will stop. But it’s happened 3 times now. We even talked to our Youth Pastor to get his advice. Maybe this DVD could help us reach his heart. Cause it’s ultimately a heart issue.

  71. I think this would be an excellent resource forr me! I’m a single mom of the kids, two of which are boys. I pray for grace. To grow my kids. In the ways of the Lord. And I think this could be helpful to me !

  72. With two young girls, this is great information to have have. This is a much needed topic of conversation to have with your kids and any kids that you speak life into.

  73. My wife and I strove to protect our children from online influences they weren’t ready for, and Covenant Eyes was part of that protection along the way. I’m very thankful to the Lord blessing our efforts so that our children are now equipped to fight the fight of faith in their own right. As a pastor, I’m very concerned to assist the families in our congregation stand firm and prevail in this same battle.

  74. This is such a vital issue in seeking to raise godly children in our modern world of technology. As a fifth grade teacher, I have been shocked at how many of my students I have discovered were involved in the world of pornography, many of them starting before fifth grade. The parents of these children all had similar answers to this problem and that was that they had had unfiltered internet because they didn’t realize their child could access these kind of things. It is so vital to educate not just our children but our parents too!

  75. Unfortunately Pornography is an issue that in todays culture most parents will have to face with their children. This DVD is a tool that can be used to help deal with that issue.

  76. This looks like a great resource to be able to have information to talk I friends who are more prone to think there is nothing wrong with pornography.

  77. This is a great program! If we can’t get porn off the internet it’s GREAT to educate people (especially young people!) about it!

  78. Very thankful for the work of covenant eyes for myself personally and the community as a whole. Keen for other people to learn the importance of accountability.

  79. I have a 17 year old daughter, who decided to follow Jesus instead of following the crowd. This makes me and her mom extremely proud of her and her focusing on her future in the Lord. I think that more programs like these will allow us as parents and leaders in the Church to function in the role that God intended us to be in. As a parent, and a teacher in the Body of Christ, I believe that this is the ideal foundational teaching resource available to help and equip those that the Lord has sent on our paths. It would be a great tool in this ministry to use in teaching abstinence until married. Covenant Eyes remains our no1 provider of resources in this arena.

  80. We as parents must protect our children and educate them. We must warn and teach them and not hope they won’t come across porn. I have had a son exposed to porn and it was a nightmare for us. Do not ignore these subjects just because they are tough or you have fallen yourself in these areas. Fight for your children!

  81. I lead youth in our church and I see, how dangerous pornography is. This DVD could help parents of “our” kids and thus also to those kids.

  82. My wife and I plan on having 3 children. I want to prepare now for what I know will an immense battle for my children’s minds … and eventually their lives. Technology is changing rapidly and because of that the boundaries of our homes are no longer just the physical walls … I want resources like these to teach not just my children but also other parents and young people.

  83. As the director of information systems at a Christian university I would like to be well equipped to help young people avoid this stronghold in their lives.

  84. My wife and I are about to have our first baby. We have worked with teens in the church, and had some candid conversations with them on these topics. B
    Teens today are often considered weird of they haven’t seen porn or don’t want to. Resources like this are a necessity for parents. We want to be well equipped to prepare our children for the experiences they will have in this porn-saturated culture.

  85. Though I don’t have kids of my own, I work with college students and have seen how Internet pornography has ruined some of the students’ lives. Covenant Eyes is an invaluable tool to protect them!

  86. We are no stranger to internet content issues….and it makes me wish we didn’t need online access!! Thank you for all you do to protect our family and home!

  87. It breaks my heart that so many marriages and people’s faith will be destroyed by pornography. It is scary how prevalent it is. This sounds like a fantastic resource. Thank you!

  88. This sounds like it will be an EXCELLENT resource in “training you kids up in the way they should go”! I think sometimes parents WANT to talk about this kind of thing but don’t know HOW. Thank you for creating this resource. I think any home with children (of any age) could benefit from this training tool. It would be wonderful to save and prevent our kids from experiencing the kind of ongoing pain and damage caused by pornography in our home.

  89. I didn’t do the best job with my family, and I want to share this with our men’s ministry, for those with children coming up. It’s definitely needed.

  90. As a youth pastor and Biblical counselor, I am keenly aware of the tremendous and growing problem of pornography. I am always looking for new resources to share with youth and counselees that will help them in the battle to overcome this enslaving sin.

  91. I have found this to be a difficult topic to broach due to the secretiveness of this type of sin.
    I have also heard lay people at my church dimiss it as a natural thing and pass it off as not a big deal. I hope to be able to open their eyes and to equip my self and parent young and old.
    Thank you for your safe guards for when my own mind abandons reason, desiring to seek out a rush that is based in sin.

  92. As a counsellor, it would be a great resource. Also, I didn’t have this type of material when I was young! This could be an agent of change in someone’s life!

  93. Thanks for your good work giving people resources & help in fighting this huge destructive temptation. Heard you on Dobson this past week.

  94. I think this program will be very valuable to teach my sons about the dangers & consequences of viewing sinful material on the internet.

  95. Covenant Eyes has already helped protect my family. I hope this will make it easier to talk to my kids about topics I wouldn’t really know how to approach on my own.

  96. This is one of the most important to teach your kids this would be a great tool for our family and I’d love to bring it to Sunday school and teach with this tool

  97. I have seen the devastation of addiction to porn in marriages of many people including pastors and missionaries. As a counselor I would love to have any good resources to help others not fall into the same trap.

  98. This is an issue that weighs heavy on me. I’d love to look over this resource and then share it with those around me. I’d be so incredibly excited to get to know more!

  99. being a school teacher, the information contained in this DVD will hopefully allow me to begin a meaningful and valueable conversation with my students, and at the same time educate myself on dealing with porn in a way that is relevant to my work-personal life.

  100. Hi,

    I am a Bible teacher to 15-17 year old’s. This would be a fantastic resource for the school to educate the wider community to empower their children to remain pure.

  101. The good thing about modern technology is we have access to everything. The problem with modern technology is we have access to everything.

  102. This sounds like a great resource for all parents and kids. With life like it is now, we surely need it. Thanks for making this available.

  103. A vital and much appreciated part of the Christian response to the challenge of child protection today. Our three sons need us to be as up to speed as they are – or their friends are –
    on this issue.

  104. I have two boys, one is 4 and one is 2. As an adult man, I can remember the first pornographic image that I saw, where I was, what time of day it was, and the layout of the house I was in. That was 17 years ago. I want my boys to be better equipped to deal with the reality of pornography and the onslaught of sexually charged messages they will receive over their lifetime.

  105. A most valuable resource. Most parents seem unaware of the porn dangers that face their kids on a daily basis. This resource should be a wake-up call. Nice one.

  106. This seems like it would be a great resource for any family. It is difficult to know what the best approach is to talk to your kids about the dangers of pornography. I wish as a young person someone would have warned and taught me the dangers of it. That may have saved me from many years of struggling. I serve a very gracious God and pray that these DVDs go to the families and churches that need it the most!

  107. I just had my first son and I want equip myself to guide him in through the issue of pornography. I want to prepare him so he is not caught off guard, but recognizes his identity in Christ, rising above this sexualized culture.


  109. With an ever increasing availability to content on the internet, and an ever increasing separation from technology on the parents part, I have been looking for resources to help bridge that gap. CO does a good job of fitting right in that spot. Thanks.

  110. I’ve worked in student and family ministries for 20 years and I believe this is one of the most important conversations a parent can have with their kids. If we don’t have this conversation, somebody else will certainly take our place…most likely without our commitment to an exceptional life.

  111. I work with global servants around the world. This material will be a great benefit to those who are challenged in this area. Thanks for offering it as a resource.

  112. My husband and I have just begun a purity based ministry in the Greater Los Angeles area called Crossroads Club. We educate youth and parents on protecting themselves from the influences of the world. This would be a great support to our ministry and would be used to reach many families on the dangers of pornography and the importance of good conversations and preparing for the battle that is ahead for their teens.
    Thanks for what you do!
    Jenna Crenshaw

  113. My family has been using the Covenant Eyes online filtering service for some years now. In times such as these, it is critical to be proactive in the fight against pornography. Protecting your children and family is the first step in having a safe household.

  114. Thanks Covenant Eyes for providing this resource! It will be a big help to parents as they seek to instruct their children to live according to God’s Word.

  115. I would love to have this for our computers. My husband of 26 yrs is dealing w/GID which I knew nothing about for 24 3/4 yrs. It has raised its ugly head again. We have 5 children, 4 are boys, 24, 15, 12 & 9 yrs of age. Daughter is 22. I’m a stay @ home mom & home schools the younger ones. I need something to protect my family from sites they should not be on including spouse. Doing my best to make this marriage work because I said, “for better or worse” and right now it is worse. I need some

  116. This will be a valuable tool and I am grateful to God for such a resource! May He be glorified in saving so many of our kids, through His grace, from the clutches of pornography.

  117. I have been learning more about Covenant Eyes and their software through friends, and feel this is a great way to help protect the children of our day and age. I have a younger brother who I care much about and would hate for him to be exposed to the kind of material that is found on the internet daily.

  118. I think this could be a very valuable resource to help young people do better than I did and avoid some of the internet traps out there.

  119. Any material to help engage the minds of adults, teenagers, and children in regards to pornography, lust, fornication
    and so forth, is incredibly valuable. One of the greatest spiritual wars being fought in America is in the realm of lust and pursuing sexual interactions outside of God’s perfect intentions within marriage. I am excited for this material.

  120. Many in my family struggle with this and we are vowing to be the end of it! What better way than to educate your children about it. Prepare them for what will surely be in their face soon enough. The better prepared they are, the better the chances they have.

  121. This will be a great resource for any parent, pastor, youth worker and the like. Kids shouldn’t have to face porn, sexualisation or adult issues before their time, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Even governments who attempt to counter the issue of Internet filtering are howled down on the basis of freedom and civil rights. Yet the role call of damaged children increases every day. As parents the ball is in our court, we do have the right to say no. Thanks Covernant Eyes for making the path easier.

  122. I believe every family should have a kit and educate their children. They have so much access to everything these days that it’s a matter of when they will be exposed to pornography. Every family should have a security filter on every media technology they have access to.

    Do not ignore this!

  123. I have two teenagers and am sorry to say that I’m grossly behind on technology. They’re beginning to need email addresses and internet access for school and church and I need all the help I can get!!!

  124. I have two teen aged boys and a tween girl. My husband and I want to give our children and ourselves Godly tools to protect and fight against the powers of this world.

  125. As a Pastor, this will be a great resource to help me council the many people that struggle with pornography addiction. I will be able to hand this material out to both young and older adults, and be ensured that the council given is from a Biblical perspective, rather than a secular psychologist trying to dismiss the behavior as a result of a poor childhood environment.

    Thank you for taking the time and money to make this investment and caring enough to help the many get accountability and ultimately freedom from the bondage of sexual deviancy.

  126. Just gave the second of a string of “sex talks” to my 4.5 year old twins. I’m exposing them at a progressive but steady pace… first on anatomy, then on to babies, etc.

    This would help immensely!

  127. With a one year old and another along the way, I need to be prepared to talk with my kids about the dangers of internet pornography. I also need to be prepared to help other parents have that conversation, as it’s a topic that is easily avoided.

  128. My husband is a youth assistant to a large group of privileged kids. These kids have access to all technologies and many parents are either clueless about what they do, or trying to fit in too hard to take a stand on it. Teaching a girls’ small group myself, many of these girls are naïve to how powerful pornography and the way they dress really is. This software would be an enormous help to our parents as well as our youth staff as we struggle to address this sensitive but necessary topic!

    And thank you to Covenant Eyes for helping our home be a safer place!

  129. As a youth leader and a parent who is desperately wanting to protect today’s youth, I think this would be a great resource to have.

  130. My family has been torn apart by this sin. I used to be an outgoing, confident, highly intelligent, handsome boy. But since getting into pornography, my mind and entire personality has been entirely destroyed. I was depressed and failing in my studies. It’s been almost seven years of pain and suffering. Not only that, I cause harm to my family and mentally suppressed them with vicious words. I am trying to repent but still failing. I’m tired. I’ve installed Covenant eyes but with my intellect, I circumvented it. I pray for God’s deliverance and for him to show me His love.

  131. I am excited that there are resources like this that can help parents with this challenge. I know that my family will be appreciate of the help when the time comes.

  132. Being a relatively new parent resources like these are valuable. Communication and training is ongoing and vital in guarding the purity of our children. God has given us His Word as well as the instruction and example of wise parents in order to train and equip our children with the tools they need to succeed in the matter of sexual purity. Thanks covenant eyes for what you are doing.

  133. I’m an affiliate of Covenant Eyes and I believe that any information I can get into the hands of my customers will show them that I care what’s truly happening to them. Life can be very confusing and with this information, I will be able to shed some light on the darkness of the secret that nobody wants to talk about. That is the POWER of pornography’s lure and perpetualness. My goal is to bring it out into the light where anyone can and will be able to talk about it openly and freely in public. When this happens, we will then know that the evils of pornography are beginning to lose its POWER over us as a human race.


  134. I would love to have more information on this topic…I have an 18month old son and already feel the weight and burden of all the destructive things that he may encounter online. I feel that it isn’t too early for me to start preparing myself on how to deal with this hard topic.

  135. Porn wreaked some serious havoc in our marriage. We need every resource possible to help us keep our sons from making the same mistakes. This looks like an excellent resource. We are already very thankful for how covenant eyes has been so helpful in eliminating a lot of the junk and the temptations.

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