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Facebook Fiasco – Guard your heart from cyber-affairs

Last Updated: June 17, 2021

Sherry Allchin
Sherry Allchin

Sherry Allchin has been in some form of ministry for nearly fifty years, first as the wife of a youth pastor, then as a mother of three and a Christian school teacher. She now lives in Charleston, SC working at the Low Country Biblical Counseling Center. She completed her M.A. in Biblical Counseling and has been counseling individuals and families for over twenty years. Their adult children and seven grandchildren serve the Lord across the country. Sherry is a member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Her passion is helping others to grow in their faith and to make life count for eternity!

I met a woman this weekend at a marriage conference (I’ll call her Hannah) who was grief-stricken over her best friend’s behavior. She had used Facebook to look up an old boyfriend, and the cyber-reunion turned into an extramarital affair. Her marriage was destroyed, her family was divided, and Hannah is aching for every single person involved in the negative ripple effects. “Our families have been friends forever, and the idea of losing my best friend is bad enough, but to think of what she’s put her husband, children, and every person she loves through makes me just as angry as I am sad.” We shed tears and shared hugs, but I knew I could never ease Hannah’s pain from the hole her best friend had made in her heart.

I share this to encourage you, Ladies (and Gentlemen), to banish the thought of contacting your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends – EVER! I’ve experienced the same temptation, but then I realized: “What could possibly come of it? Some sort of stroll down memory lane that re-awakens passions that I struggled to put to sleep long ago? Why walk into THAT nightmare when I have the kind of husband and family that most women only dream of?” I’m very thankful that common sense has kept me in a safe place with regard to cyber-relationships. I hope you can say the same.

Moral of the story: Don’t let social networking become your new nightmare! Limit your “friends” to those who truly enhance your life, marriage, family & career, and remember that it’s best to leave your old lovers alone!

This is a guest post from Shannon Ethridge, an internationally sought-after conference speaker and million-copy best-selling author of numerous books including the Every Woman’s Battle series. Learn more about her books and ministry at ShannonEthridge.com.

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