In May 2013, Saavi Accountability was purchased by Covenant Eyes. We have been providing Internet Accountability and Filtering services for more than 13 years and will now be providing the Saavi community with the same software and support that positioned us as industry leaders.

We’re excited to provide former Saavi users the opportunity to try Covenant Eyes. Use the promo code SAAVI when you sign up for Covenant Eyes to get your first 30 days of services at no cost.



Covenant Eyes Accountability isn’t spyware or a keystroke logger, trying to catch you red-handed. It’s not even a Filter, blocking content outright (though we do have a Filter as well).

Instead, we provide an unerasable report of the websites you visit, the YouTube videos you watch, the search terms you use, and the apps you use on your Android™ phone, all sent by e-mail to the person you choose (like a friend or mentor). It helps you have conversations – so you and your friend can talk about where you struggle online, helping you to make better choices about Internet use.

Sign up using the promo code SAAVI to get your first 30 days of services free.

Available for: Windows®, Mac® OS, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, Android™ phones and tablets


Services Icons-02Internet Use Reports
Our Reports assign each website visited an age-based rating, making it easy to see what’s inappropriate. You can also customize them! View a sample Accountability Report.
Services Icons-03Unlimited Device Installation
Your personal username lets you install Covenant Eyes on all of your computers, smartphones, and tablets. Our apps for iPhone and Android are no extra cost.
Services Icons-07Unlimited Accountability Partners
Can’t decide who you want to receive your Reports? Send them to your spouse, brother, friend, or as many people as you like at no extra cost.
Services Icons-06Panic Button
Finding it hard to resist temptation? Click the “Panic” button to block access to the Internet. When you feel stronger call our caring team to reinstate Internet access.
Services Icons-05Restricted Uninstallation
Don’t want to be tempted to remove Covenant Eyes from your computer? Have someone else handle the billing on your account, and you won’t have the option to uninstall without their permission.
Services Icons-11Optional Filter
Want extra protection? Block inappropriate websites completely by adding Filtering to your username. You can even create a custom block and allow list and block the Internet at certain times of day on Windows and Mac computers.
Services Icons-12Web Browser for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Keep your mobile Internet use accountable with our free web browser app, which you use in place of Safari. It even has Filtering if you want it.
Services Icons-09App Monitoring on Android
Our Android app monitors websites visited on the stock browser, and our Reports show what other apps have been accessed. You can also lock down other apps, like unmonitored browsers or Google Play.



Internet Accountability changes the way you use the Internet.

Sign up using the promo code SAAVI for your first 30 days of services free!

Learn more about Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability.