Report Your Eyes

In today’s culture, because of the Internet, objectionable images and media are only click away. Report Your Eyes seeks to promote Accountability to members of the Jewish community.

  • This lecture by Vina Rav explains how, while the Israelites traveled with Moses in the wilderness, the manna that fell each day acted as a form of accountability, and why Internet Accountability is so important (PDF, 239KB).
  • King David desired in his heart to never do anything bad. This article explains how Internet Accountability helps us live up to his example online (PDF, 78KB)
  • Jewish law prohibits being with a strange woman in a locked room. This article explains how this rule applies to the Internet and how Internet Accountability is the solution (PDF, 229KB).

This is why, with the permission and blessing of world-renowned Rabunim, Report Your Eyes has partnered with Covenant Eyes. Report Your Eyes knows that you need help guarding your time and your eyes online, and Internet Accountability helps you do just that.

Covenant Eyes Accountability

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability is not a filter: it doesn’t block websites. Instead, it monitors all the sites you visit and sends a report to a person that you choose. In effect, your friend (or boss) is sitting beside you each time you go online, encouraging you to make good choices. Covenant Eyes Accountability, and the relationship it brings, helps change hearts.

The Accountability Service is available for Windows and Mac computers, Android™ phones and tablets, and iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®.

Learn more about how Internet Accountability can work for you.

Signing Up

Sign up each member of your household for Covenant Eyes. Make sure you use the promo code reportyoureyes when you create your account.