About Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a small company in central Michigan with a big heart to protect families and individuals online. Today tens of thousands of people from Chicago to Shanghai use our Accountability and Filtering Services.

Accountability Service

Blocking software is very useful but it has its limits. Over a decade ago we pioneered a new service called Internet Accountability Software to help people fight online temptations.

This service simply monitors everywhere you go online. It doesn’t block anything. A rating is then assigned to every web address based on objectionable material, and the information is compiled into easy-to-read reports. Reports are sent via e-mail to anyone you wish to see it.

Parents can then use these reports to have good conversations with their kids about where they go online. Friends can help friends discuss the temptations they face online and how the Internet impacts their relationships and their lives offline.

Our Accountability Service is custom-designed to help you have honest conversations about how the Internet is used. Removing the secrecy helps to remove the temptation. Learn more on our services page or sign up for an account now.

Filtering Service

Our filtering service allows you to block undesired content online. Customize our filter to meet your needs. Have multiple usernames with their own custom settings. Control what times of day the Internet may be accessed. Protect all your home and office computers.

Learn more about our Filtering Service on our services page or sign up for an account now.

People who like us…

“Eric and I have used the Covenant Eyes software in our own home for the past several years. We recommend it in our books, and we believe that Covenant Eyes is a crucial ministry ‘for such a time as this.’ It is a practical tool for those seeking to live a life above reproach before God, and a powerful weapon against the cunning agenda of the online porn industry.”

- Leslie Ludy, author of When God Writes Your Love Story

“I use Covenant Eyes and I recommend it to all the guys in the Samson Society. It’s a great tool for anybody who is finally ready to give up their lonely losing battle against porn and enlist the help of brothers.”

- Nate Larkin, author of Samson and the Pirate Monks

“Covenant Eyes is the first wave of defense in a person’s struggle for a pure thought life. I’ve been a member for years.”

- Mark Hall, youth pastor and lead singer of Casting Crowns