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Dan Armstrong is the Corporate Communications Specialist at Covenant Eyes. Prior to joining the team, he led the marketing department of a public policy think tank and also anchored and reported television news for NBC stations in Michigan. Dan and his wife have four children.

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2 thoughts on “Covenant Eyes Achieves Fastest-Growing Milestone

  1. Dear friends at Covenant Eyes. God richly bless you for furthering His kingdom through the amazing work you are doing.
    He is doing great and wonderful work through you. To God be the glory.
    How important is it for me to have covenant eyes on this computer? Noone uses this computer except me?
    Sincerely Sherry Ritchie,
    I have nothing to do with porn.

    • Hi, Sherry – thank you for your kind words of encouragement. The decision is yours. Covenant Eyes not only helps people create new, porn-free behaviors through accountability and software, but also to help people who don’t look at porn to stay on that path. It just depends on your situation!

      Peace to you,

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