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Ron DeHaas is the president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes. Ron has a BS and an MS in Geology from The Ohio State University and attended the University of Michigan as a PhD candidate. Ron pioneered the concept of Accountability Software, and founded Covenant Eyes in the spring of 2000, and today over 150,000 subscribers enjoy the Internet accountability Covenant Eyes provides. Ron also founded Nehemiah Ministries, a 160-acre retreat and counseling center in south-central Michigan for pastors and missionaries. (Photo from the Lansing State Journal, photographer Greg DeRuiter. Used with permission.)

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One thought on “How Accountability Locks In Your Family’s Values

  1. It’s always interesting to see the numbers on these things. One question you may want to ask is “Has accountability software influenced you in your answers?” Many of these families would have probably answered the same before they had the software (that’s why they have it). So using CE was just a result of their understanding of the importance of accountability. Have any of these families been influenced as a result of USING the software? Perhaps somebody reading this can give testimony…

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