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Kristen Clark is married to her high school sweetheart, Zack, and has a background in Biblical counseling, young women's ministry, teen mentoring, online blogging, and is the co-founder of GirlDefined Ministries. She and her sister, Bethany, are passionate about fighting feminism, embracing gender distinctions, and empowering young women to live out their God defined purpose. You can read her weekly blog posts at girldefined.com or follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/girldefined.

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3 thoughts on “Raunch Culture and its Devastating Effects on Women

  1. Well said! I especially appreciate the truth of this statement: “The very thing most girls and women want is to be valued and respected, but sadly, that is the very thing we’re throwing away.” As men, may we be the first to respect women and honor their beauty–inside and out–in the intricate ways God made them.

  2. Thanks, this issue of modesty or I should say ‘lack’ of modesty has been bothering me for some time. The way our women, both young and old at our church dress is distracting to me, and I must agree they dress like street women. Your comments have encouraged me to do something positive to help our women wake up the harm they are doing to themselves and the church. You gave me many resources to draw from. Thank you.

  3. Why is a women’s nakedness of any value? Who says a women’s breasts, hips, abdomen or any other parts hold any more value than fingers or face, why do women believe they have some value and must be shunned and only one man gets to see them. This very ideology is what makes men crave them and flash money to see them. Why do even people believe this thing? If in a society where breasts are as common as exposed palms or face then do u think flashing them would bring in more money or success. It is this very idea of them holding some special value, other than normal human anatomy is what makes them so desirable and attractive. Both men and women should abandon this ideology and start to see sexuality in a new light and understand that one’s personality and character have true value not some body parts.

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