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Watching just 5 hours of porn has been proven to significantly change people's sexual beliefs and attitudes. Find out 5 distinct ways that porn warps your brain, as well as 5 biblical ways to renew your mind and find freedom.

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  1. My son, at the age of eight, was exposed to pornography at our local library. It happened while I was with my children in the children’s library. Two young boys were looking at it on the computer. When my husband called the library and talked to the director the director just laughed about the incident. My son came and told me that the boys were looking at something bad. I wish I could take the experience away from him.

  2. Hey Luke, I’m glad you recanted in our personal email exchange and agreed that the statistic you published that states “50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to porn” is totally baseless and without merit. As a subject matter expert who is often quoted in the media myself, I am very careful about the statistics and studies I cite related to porn use.

    Since my credibility as an expert is on the line each time I speak out on the issue, I’ve personally gone back and researched the source of many of these stats, especially ones that sound hyped and are often tossed around in church talk on the subject.

    The one you cite above is one of the most oft used, misquoted statistic that has absolutely no basis in fact and is completely unscientific. So when Christians and Christian organizations cite such hyperbole, it hurts our credibility outside the church and is misleading to those inside the church.

    Let’s not be like the self-promoting porn industry and insiders like Paul Fishbein (also someone who you quote in your statistics package who is well known as a promoter of the porn industry and who’s been known to exaggerate industry consumption stats to make their/his industry look bigger than it really is).

    The bottom line on this statistic: SCIENTIFIC studies that are often quoted by addiction and medical experts estimate that 3-6% of the adult population is sexually addicted. My personal belief based solely on empirical evidence (and thus not fact) is that this rate in the Christian community alone COULD be double that, or 6-12%, which would still be a big number. But 50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women – no way!

    • Right. The survey never concluded that that many Christians were actually addicted to porn but that for those who responded to the survey, 50% of men and 20% of women said they were. Big difference. It is doubtful (1) that many of those people would actually fit the criteria for a true addiction, and (2) that the survey was done in a manner that accurately reflects the state of the church nationwide.

      The fact that many Christian men or women in any church would claim that they “feel addicted” to pornography is indicative more of the way they use the term “addiction.”

  3. hi luke, my names daniel and i am addicted to pornography, i was 9 years old when i was on a computer game and an ad for cybersex came up. Im 15 now and I am looking for help, this addiction is tearing my life apart, and i cant stand by and watch as it does. When i read these statistics,i was in shock. I never knew that so many people could be porn addicts. I just want to thank you for doing this, i can use this as a motivator to resist my urges, and i can finally find peace in my life when its over.

    • Hi, porn like anything else that is harmful to one is like a cancer it starts small but quickly can take over. I suggest finding support from someone at your church, that will hold you accountable when you use and will pray for you and with you. In addition since our body(flesh) is the thing that craves it and your spirit(conscience) feels convicted you have to bring you body in line with your spirit. The only way how is to pray, fast (look it up for details) read and recite God’s word pertaining to the problem you have and want to change. You can do it, may not be easy but you have already learn to do more difficult things (walk, talk,learn new things) whats the difference with this? If you need some other advice, prayer, ect email me

  4. There is a 12 step accountability program to help those addicted to porn. Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) has a website where you can get contact info to find out if there is a local group in your area. My husband was addicted to porn for 35 years, and with God’s help He has delivered him from it.

  5. Its in yahoo images that it is not all covered and I really would love to get
    over this cause I travel a lot in my current Job and am away from my family but my desires are real and I can’t take no more so plz help if you can. Thanks Many Thanks….

  6. I have more reason to believe it’s your repressive attitude towards sexuality that causes your marriages to fail. I’ve recently had a women I loved very much, and who loved me back by any reasonable standard, leave me because I was a broke loser… and I’m sure you could make a reasoned argument that I would be more successful if I spent less time thinking about sex… but our relationship, just like every relationship I’ve been in with a woman who was openminded about sex, was more open, more romantic, more intimate, more sexual, and generally better as a result of us being indulgent towards one another’s sexual desires. And when I found myself in that position (the broke loser position) the first bad habits to go were laziness and pessimism, not pornography; I’m doing just fine now, thank you for asking. I think the whole concept of sexual addiction is preposterous… it’s like being addicted to football, or clean mountain air, except that neither of those things is a fundamental human drive which is naturally unhealthy and stress inducing to ignore. Could you indulge in those things too much? Sure. Could you indulge in them too much with your wife!? Probably not, unless you’re watching football when you (both) ought to be getting up off of your lazy behind(s) and finding (a) real job(s). Watching pornography with your lover is one of the most intimate sexual activities there is… you see one other at your weakest, with the very root of your sexual psyches exposed. I suggest you all try it. Don’t be stupid about it, though… just like if you were having sex, you have to know your partner and be gentle when you are trying something new, until you have a deeper understanding of what they like and don’t like. It’s perfectly normal to have some kind of “weird” fetish (the rule more than the exception, I’ve found, but maybe that’s just New York City), but that’s not what you should be breaking out the first time you watch an erotic film together… ESPECIALLY if you’ve already been married for years! Anyway, my point is that while you can do anything too much, I can tell you that I know from personal experience that a man and woman, in love, and intending (at least at the time) to marry and raise a happy family together, can enjoy watching porn together that would have made the Whore of Babylon blush. So there.

    • Hi Reg,

      As you said, “Could you indulge in those things too much? Sure. Could you indulge in them too much with your wife!? Probably not, unless you’re watching football when you (both) ought to be getting up off of your lazy behind(s) and finding (a) real job(s).” That’s exactly the point: when someone’s viewing of porn takes people to the place where they are sacrificing things that make life sustainable, they are addicted. That’s exactly what marks an addiction. I know men who go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt because of porn. Addicted. I know men who go to jail because their obsession with porn brought them to more graphic and sadistic material, eventually bringing them to child porn. Addicted. I know men who watch porn every day and refuse to make love to their wives who are desperate for intimacy. Addicted.

      I would hardly call a woman “repressed” in her sexuality simply because she doesn’t want her husband to use her body to masturbate to fantasy images of porn stars. That’s called “normal.”

  7. Hi, I am doing a speech on this on the 13th of this month (so basically I need to have the outline done today). It is a 5 to 6 min speech for a college speech class. I am over loaded with information and struggling with what my 3 points should be. I was thinking definition, effects on the brain, and effects on family/society… basically the change in view of woman. But with the amount of information, I have no idea how to narrow it down. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks so much.

    • Not sure if I’m replying too late, but here’s one way to narrow it down:
      1. How porn changes the brain
      2. How porn harms one’s view of women
      3. How porn shapes one’s sexual expectations

  8. Thank you, Luke. This would have been on time if I had remember to watch for your reply. I like that better than what I ended up with, but this will have to work. Thanks again!

  9. Hi,
    i recently found out that my dad might have problems with pornogrophy because of the history on the computer but i dont think he had it for too long because i only saw the side effects not too long ago of how he acts with mom. And they have been married happily for about 32 years. I love him very much and i know he hates what he is doing but i dont know how to help and i dont think mom knows whats going on. Scared to tell her anything. Maybe somehow he will stop before it’s time to tell mom. How do i help him? i am praying but what other steps should i take?

  10. A female associate has just kicked her husband out of their home because she caught him using internet porn. I’m interested in www porn stats, but I’d like a little more info as to how and where, etc. the info you have on this page was obtained. Would you be willing to share? I haven’t found much in the way of primary polling. She and I both consider this a very serious situation, though I tend to think it’s more widespread than she does. I’d like to help her if I can. The husband has applied to his pastor for help, who I think is probably as likely to be as competent as anyone is likely to be.

  11. I don’t think there is anything wrong with porn. Is there anything wrong with pleasuring yourself every so often? No. Desire happens and I’m sure multiple people in family watch porn and we are all happy normal people and a regular family.

    • This post doesn’t really get into the ethics behind pornography, but thanks for bringing it up. Ultimately, I believe porn is exploitative. The harms done to individuals will differ from person to person, but in the end the worst part about pornography is that it is lustful, a craving for something that in turn exploits and depersonalizes people made in the image of God.

  12. Totally biased. Seems to be focusing on negative aspects of porn , like it was written by some unattractive “christian” who is has kids, a husband but only engaged in sex to conceive & never touched since those few occasions.

    • Well, if you want to judge if I’m unattractive, you can visit the author page and look at my photo. No doubt: I’m not the handsomest dude in the world. Not sure what that has to do with porn.

      As to whether I have kids, yes! A proud father of four boys. Again, not sure what that has to do with my research on porn.

      And as to whether I have had sex since my twins were born…um…why would anyone stop having sex with the one they love? You lost me.

      Biased? Absolutely. The list is compiled to demonstrate the damaging nature of porn. I’ll tell you what: you compile another list of stats from peer reviewed journals that shows the opposite side of the picture and we’ll compare notes.

  13. I could very well be looking over it, but what are your resources on the statistics? I am doing a research paper over porn addiction and I have been looking for the statistics and i cannot find reliable resources.

    • Great! In your debate you could simply cite the article saying, “According to the Internet safety company Covenant Eyes’ most recent release of pornography-related statistics…” or something like that. If I were the one doing the debate, I might go back to the original sources on specific stats to lend more credibility to the argument. We have our complete list of all our stats, along with all the citations for them, here. Feel free to download and use it!

  14. I first discovered pornography at the young age of eight years old. I looked up the term “nudist colony” online, and I saw a lot of images of people with no clothes on. (Imagine that.) I knew the images were bad; however, I liked what I saw and wanted more. For eight years I have been wanting more. For eight years I have been struggling with an addiction to pornography. For eight years I have pleaded to God to help me overcome this addiction. I don’t know if I’m not trusting Him enough or what, but nevertheless I still have the addiction!! It is driving me insane. Images flood my mind every day and night, and I am DROWNING in my lusts!!! This addiction is killing me from the inside out, and I sometimes I wish I would just die already. I’ve tried reading my Bible, praying to God, reading self-help websites like this, and so many things like this, but this addiction is relentless. Can someone here please help me?! I’m dying!!

    • The first thing to do is to find someone you trust and tell them about it….maybe a mentor at your church. It can be very hard to share about a personal struggle like this, but if you find someone you trust to keep it private and hold you accountable, they can help you find ways to root out and kill temptations. It will be a strong process, but God will see you through it!

    • Find someone you can talk 2. Getting it off your chest is the first step to liberating yourself from the pressure. Make sure it’s someone you trust, if you have a pastor that’s a good person to go 2. Or find a mature Christian adult. They will help you release and will hold you accountable. If you need help or prayer email me at

    • This is typical of a life dominated by this sin. You need to not only tell someone you can trust, but I strongly recommend that you go through the free course at You wont regret it! You will be assigned a mentor who will walk with you towards freedom in Christ! As someone who struggled with this sin for 25 years I can tell you there is freedom from this sin. Christ died for our freedom. We just need to learn to walk in it. And trust me, we need the help of others! Don’t buy into the lie that your somehow okay now, or it’s just once in a while. These are just the cycle of pornography. From cover to cover the Word of God talks about sexual immorality. So if some doubt those statistics then look for yourself. The apostle Paul alone mentions sexual immorality in 11 out of his 13 letters. Very high statistics my friends.

  15. This is some SERIOUS religious BS. PLENTY of people watch porn for pleasure and maintain completely normal relationships. These statistics are so completely skewed its embarrassing. “A 2012 survey of porn actresses demonstrated 79% of porn stars have used marijuana, 50% have used ecstasy, 44% have used cocaine, and 39% have used hallucinogens.” Tons of Americans have “tried” all these drugs, hell even our president has “tried” cocaine. Those statistics are completely irrelevant along with most posted in this article. Saying porn is a main cause of recent divorce rates is a joke. Maybe attribute it to humans and now women having the courage to end marriages when they aren’t working, rather than living unhappily. Porn hasn’t all of a sudden created a new urge for sex and fantasy, human nature remains relatively consistent. I think most people understand that sex in the real world does not resemble that of pornography. Quit being afraid and learn to deal with it. On no, your 8 year old son saw a naked woman? The world is coming to and end! If you really think it’ll completely change his view on how women are treated maybe you should learn to be a good parent and teach him. If anything, new technologies will be a reason we can slow domestic violence in this country.

    Basically, let’s be honest…you are lying to yourself if you don’t think porn is entertaining. Sex for money has always existed, sorry that you can now watch it. If you don’t agree, go read the bible and maybe everything will be all right! I think Jesus has a paragraph about mobile porn ruining human existence.

    • If you have a problem with the statistics, then I suggest you speak to the authors of the studies themselves. Most of these stats come from organizations and people who are not religiously motivated.

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