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56 thoughts on “Covenant Eyes Buyers’ Guide for Internet Devices (Christmas 2012)

  1. Since the Razr does not support covenant Eyes, does that includeall Motorola smart phones like the Droid 4? wanted keyboard!

    • We’ve had certain problems with upgrades on certain Razr models, which is why it was called out in the article. As far as we’re aware, we have no compatibility issues with other Motorola smart phones.

    • At the moment we don’t have any plans for it. However, we’ll monitor how many people are using it. If it becomes popular, we will re-evaluate.

      I recommend making a formal request for Windows RT on our help forum.

    • Hi Luke. We are definitely in the research phase of things at the moment. At this point what we made for previous versions of Android are not working the same way on Android 4 devices. We will let you know once we’ve done more research the HD devices.

  2. I’m interested in getting my son either a regular kindle or the kindle fire or the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6. It appears CE will work on the kindles I listed. Can the user use any search engine or do they have to use the CE app to access the web and be accountable? Would I then have to disable the other search options?
    Does CE work on the Samsun Galaxy player 3.6?

    • Hi Heidi. The Covenant Eyes app on Android devices is not like our app for iPhone. The iPhone app is a browser that monitors itself. Our Android app actually monitors the stock browser for the device (and a handful of other browsers, depending on the device).

      The Covenant Eyes Android app will monitor the stock browser for all the devices you mentioned.

      If you want to lock down other apps, I personally use App Lock on my phone. It is a great free app that gives you a lot of control over the apps used and downloaded.

    • Hi Lee. Covenant Eyes will show you when Facebook has been accessed, yes. Many of the specific pages on Facebook are hidden to Covenant Eyes at the moment. But this is because Facebook is a secure site. If you have a concern about access to Facebook, however, seeing Facebook on an Accountability Report would be good cause to have a conversation.

  3. we recently purchased an xbox 360 and found out internet explorer is now on it. do you provide covenant eyes for the xbox internet browser? If so, how would we go about downloading it? we can’t find it currently.

    • We’ve never tested Covenant Eyes on Kobo readers. There’s been really no demand for us to test those devices. We’ll ask those who test our app and see what they come up with.

  4. When will Google Chromebook support be available? I really love the cloud based computing system the Chromebook offers but I do not want to move forward in buying a Chromebook without covenant eyes being supported. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

    • Currently we’re not looking into the Chromebook. We have some extensions we are working on that might help with this and other devices people would like us to cover. We hope to have updates on this in the near future. Thanks for your recommendation!

    • Is this still the case? Its been over a year – has Covenant Eyes created an extension to work with Chrome OS? I’m thinking of buying a Chromebook but I want to make sure I can continue to use this service.

    • It’s looking more and more promising that they’ll attain adequate marketshare to make it worth our time. They’ve gotten some decent traction in educational settings, as they’re cheap and pretty simple. The downside is that the OS is pretty unique, and mandating anything on it is tough. Right now our extension will not work for Chromebook unfortunately.

    • Any chance that you could reach out to Google or folks on Chromium project to see if there’d be a way to do a lockbox for extension or proxy or something? I’d imagine this is something they’d need to do to break into enterprise market too.

  5. I am expecting a great resurgence in the Blackberry phone due to their new platform and phones. Please reconsider supporting at least the new format. There still are many businesses using them. I currently am using a blackberry with no version to help me stay accountable and I don’t feel that I am the Lone Ranger on this one

    • You certainly aren’t the Lone Ranger. While last quarter Blackberry had only 2% of the market share in the US, it held about 12% market share in the UK. While not the same numbers as iPhone or Android, it is still a need. Right now some of the the technology we are experimenting with will hopefully help cover a multitude of devices, but nothing is final yet. We will let you know what we develop.

    • Any news of CE working something out for the Black Berry? I would certainly go back to a BB if CE would at least have an accountability app for it. My BB was one of the best devices I’ve owned. I’m currently using an iPhone4 and like it, but the security of a BB is almost unparalleled.

  6. Have you made any progress in getting CE to work with the Windows Surface Pro, which uses a full version of Windows 8?

    Next question: Is there another company whose software does work with these devices, as it seems like CE is unable to handle the tablet market well.


    • Have you noticed a problem with Covenant Eyes on the Surface Pro? Let us know if you do.

      Also, what other tablets are you concerned about? We’ve not heard much from iPad and Android tablet users, except with specific models. Any info you can share would be great.

  7. Are you guys close to developing accountability for the chrome browser on Android products? I have an Asus Transformer and I’ve been able to get around accountability using the chrome app from Google play store.

    Also, how close are you to getting CE compatible with game consoles? We have a Nintendo Wii, and I was wondering what kind of protection was offered.

    • We cannot monitor Chrome from the app store at the URL level at all. Unless something drastic changes in the Android system, this is unlikely to change. We can monitor Chrome when it is the installed stock browser on a device. We do report that Chrome was used, and what day, and for how long, but that is the only info we can provide.

      I’ll have to get back to on the consols question. It is something we’ve played around with, but I’ll check to see where our developers are on this.

  8. Hi there,

    I’m thinking of replacing my ipad and iphone with android products because there are way too many iOS apps that allow inapp browsers. These are unrestricted and therefore make the CEyes browser irrelevant. The only option is to either not install those apps, or alternatively go to Android (I think).

    Can you confirm that if I get an android device like a nexus 7, and get CE plus the AppLock app, I’ll be able to download various android apps without worrying about an inapp browser?


  9. You say that Covenant Eyes doesn’t work on a “Nook”, but now that there are Nook HD tablets 7″ and 9″which run on Sandwich Android software, does it work on those?

    Thank you for you help,

  10. Yea, sure as I have time. I have had a Nook for sometime, but now that they had this great sale on the new Nook tablets, I got several for my children. I also have an Android tablet.

    I am in the process of trying out Covenant Eyes on my Windows 8 desktop that my children use. Can’t get past Norton’s 360 yet, but I’ll try again soon. :)

  11. I am looking into buying a Chromebook and was wondering if CE worked on it. I have read things that said it was compatible and then I have read things that said it was not compatible. The only way I will purchase it, is if there is a accountability program that I actually trust.

    • No. Sadly, we have no target date. At this point, we’ve been prioritizing our releases based on demands we see from our customers, and this one hasn’t been our our radar.

    • No updates at the moment. I recommend making the request over on our help forum, which is a somewhat more direct line to our development team. You may be able to get other users to chime in as well.

  12. I recently called Covenant Eyes to find out why there was no app showing on my husband’s HTC Windows phone even though he signed up online in March and has been getting billed every month. They said that the app doesn’t work on Windows phones and that he could not install it. How is it that he could be billed for five months for something he never installed?

    • Good question. Sorry there was confusion around this. When you sign up for a Covenant Eyes account, you are billed regardless of how many devices you install it on. We don’t charge per device but per account. This is a benefit if you want to install on a lot of devices in your home. But if you forget to install it one one of the devices we cover, then we can’t monitor anything. Did you or your husband receive any of the communications we sent after you signed up for the account? There should have been an e-mail coming to the account administrator two days after you signed up letting you know that you needed to install, and then another one 8 days later.

  13. Your software is so bad. I hate it. It takes up so much processing power and locks down your system and internet basically. It also slows down your connection to the internet – I think.

    I’ve had such a bad time with my computer and trying to get rid of it, but of course you guys made it hard and you can’t uninstall without a pass-code. So, I’ve disabled it as much as I could to get rid of this horrible software.

    I’m planning a reinstall of my OS soon, because of this software…

    • Hello Jesse,

      Great question! Yes, we will cover the Microsoft Surface Tablets. We do NOT work on the RT tablets. So, double check your tablet before installing! If you have any further questions feel free to call our Customer Service at 877.479.1119

      Best regards,

  14. Hi, any update on making Covenant Eyes available on Chromebooks? They just announced that Android apps are coming to ChromeOS, which would make the platform a lot more useful.

    My main concern is still the lack of CE…wondering if there’s some way to use the Chrome extension or Android app (not sure what level of system integration there’d be) to enable accountability on ChromeOS?

    • Hello James,

      Great questions! Our developers initial response is that we still will not be able to monitor the Chromebook because the apps are going to be cloud based. We have thought about the idea of an extension for the Chromebook, but those are easily turned on and off with no alert when the extension is disabled. We want to be able to provide a stable and reliable software that will hold our members accountable with no work around’s and Chromebook is especially challenging because right now there is no way, that we have discovered, to do that. Thank you for your questions and if any further questions feel free to give us a call at 877.479.1119.

      Best regards,

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