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81 thoughts on “Bullying Statistics: Fast Facts About Cyberbullying

  1. @Jacob – The bully should be caught first in order to find a punishment. The victim should just avoid having a social network so they wont be exposed.

  2. Yes, but does that really solve the problem? If bullies are really hell bent on getting to someone, they’ll find a way.

  3. As you know, the increase media coverage has sparked awareness within communities, in and around the, GTA.
    Intervention, within the communities, such as parents, students, educators,and employers is needed to address, this complex issue of bulling, which has become an “EPIDEMIC”.
    If one has not experienced bullying, one will never understandthe effects of “bullying”
    I’m an adult now and only recently, with the increase media coverage, some of my childhood nightmares have resurficed.
    Attached, you will find a book of my past experience, that i hope along with a partnership,that may help repair, schoolyard, relationships.

    Sam Cammisuli

    • Its not just in the schoolyard Sam. Its prevelant. Its online dating, social interactions, it’s anonymous, IRS the local coffee ship or museum. Its the nightclubs and its in the home and the church. Its a matter of scarce redource s and mans inclination to delete the free will of fellows and peers. Its the mob mentality. Its capitalism its socialism its schadenfreude.

  4. Should cyber bullying be punishable by the student’s school? Lots of affected children are students who are being bullied by classmates…

    • Great question, Alex. I know many schools have policies against cyberbullying, but others do not out of principle. Keep in mind most cyberbullying happens in a context of real-world bullying as well, so in most instances schools won’t have to wait until a bully does something “in real life” before they can take action.

      All the same, I think a school is responsible for creating an educational environment conducive with learning. This might mean that school staff have to step in as mediators in an online conflict from time to time. As to whether there should be punishments attached to this, I’ll leave that up to the administrators.

  5. i think cyber bullying is stupid and preventable. the teens can easily block or delete their accounts. They’re not obligated to read the insidious comments posted. I’m not saying cyber bullying is okay, but it certainly is not a major issue that needs all that attention ^^ i’m only here for information on a mandatory project v.v

    • Even if the individual does not read comments or other things posted about them, the cyber bullying still fuels bullying in the real world. Other students see what is being posted and go to school with the information in mind and bully the individual in school. You can not just write off cyber bullying as not being serious, it is.

  6. cyber bulling is one of the major problems we have at my high school. and keep in mind i was been bullied before not only by a student but the students parents to, i was even taken out of a class i had with the student…since the school thought i was the problem.

    the school didnt do much to help me beside ‘hide’ me from my classmates.

    • Social networking is becoming a way of life in 2013. A lot of the age ranges in the article said 15-17 were the more commonly bullied teens. 17 years old is not a ‘young child’ and certainly should be allowed to use a social network, considering that by age 18 they are adults.

    • and you say that THIS is stupid. Cyber bulling has caused many suicides idiot. Yes I know, ironic calling you an idiot on an anti-cyber bulling website.

  7. be better if cyberbullying never existed because there are a lot of teens that commit suicide and it needs to stop. R.I.P. for the teens that committed suicide from cyberbullying.

  8. Hello Luke Gilkerson,

    I find your statistics, facts, and videos to be very informational and helpful when learning about cyberbullying. I also feel that it would be very beneficial if parents learned more about what cyberbullying is, how it happens, how to prevent it, and ways to help their children deal with it.

    Would you mind reading my blog at I would like to have your perspective.


    The Green Room at Iowa State University

  9. Hi Majarion, if that is your real name… cyber bullying is a very serious issue, show some respect. I disagree with you in as many ways possible. You seem like a very ignorant person, based on your grammar you don’t seem all that intelligent either. I hope you become enlightened on the dangers of cyber bullying.

  10. Cyberbullying is a very serious topic and it should be stopped and who ever does it should have a very serious consequence. Cyberbullying is just immature and I dont understand how someone can cyber bully.

  11. your advice was terrible but answer this for me why do you want to show respect for cycberbullying if the most common bullying type is school bullying so why do you do school bullying instead of cycber.

  12. These statistics should in my opinion open every parents’ eyes and have them disallow their children and teens to use the Internet, as well as any cell phones with Internet access. I became a victim of obsessed cyberstalking as a new Internet user in 2007, and I am fortunate to be alive today after what occurred.

    Please, parents, don’t let your children use the Internet. 20% of children – including teenagers – are approached by pedophiles on the Internet. Aren’t those statistics enough to wake you up?

    • Debbie, you’re right – the Internet does have a lot of creeps, and parents definitely need to be cautious. That’s exactly why we promote Internet Accountability in addition to Filtering from a young age. Rather than prohibit Internet use while they’re in the home, possibly leaving them unprepared when they reach adulthood, we want parents to see what their kids are doing online and talk to them very actively about making wise choices in who they speak to and what sites they visit.

  13. Cyber bullying is also more widespread than physical bullying. You could get the material around to other persons (i.e photos, rumors, etc.) very easily and fast via the internet, text messages and any other piece of technology. People just assume that cyber bullying only takes place on social networking sites. That is not true. Any piece of technology you can use to get in touch with someone else, including your cell phone, is considered cyber bullying.

  14. I am a 13 year old boy that has been bullied and pushed around for years and have had a Facebook account and got messages from adults and teens telling me to kill myself and things like that because i was a transvestite

  15. Hi, I was wondering if there has been an increase in cyber bullying on the whole due to social media?
    If you have an links, that would be great!

    • Yes. Social media’s use has made cyberbullying much easier and more common, especially since teens did not interact as much online before the advent and common use of social media.

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  17. I didn’t realize how close to us bullies were until recently! My son was about to be bullied and he actually treated the situation is such a mature way, that he didn’t face any problems with the bully. Of course, my little boy was lucky enough to know better and he didn’t have to deal with a persistant bully. However, this is a serious issue that needs more attention, we all need to be aware of such an important problem of our society!

  18. Dear Luke Gilkerson,

    My name is mady, and I’ve been trying to end my life for years now. I was and still am sexually harassed and even sexually assaulted. I trusted a boy enough to send nudes to him, and eventually, they were passed around the school. Everyone was laughing at me calling me names. That’s when the thoughts poured in. I hated myself. My dad wasn’t a big help to that either. He is always telling me that in a whore and slut, that is not worth his time. So I’ve found no reason to live. I wanted to contact you so you can use my story to help others.


    • Hi, Mady – Luke no longer works at CE, but I’m deeply concerned about your comments about suicide – here’s the truth…you have unmeasurable value! Don’t listen to the bullies or in this case, the words from your father. Your life is a precious gift and a blessing to this planet. Unique. Unrepeatable. Please find someone you can talk to about your struggles. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, and you start to have suicidal feelings again, promise me you’ll call this number: 1-800-273-8255, if you are in the United States. They also have a chat feature that always has someone there to respond.

      I’m for you and want you to live.

    • Mady love, I hope you see this. I will talk to you. I am 55 year old ( A cool one I have been told ;) ) grandmother :) .. I don’t judge and I listen. I want you around for years to come and I tell you why. In my mind’s eye after I read your letter, I could see you.. in a nice career… a couple of children after you are 30 (please wait til then :) ) and happy. Darling.. people are a**holes and there are so many out there that bully that do it because they them selves are miserable. They just want others to feel as bad as they do… it’s like they get off on it.Sweetheart, we all make mistakes.. some bigger than others, and it’s ok. No one is perfect and those little crappy highschoolers are just being jerks. I bet they have so many skele’s in their closet that they would just crawl back under their rock if something came up about them that wasn’t so ‘sweet or nice’. Don’t do anything crazy please. There ARE people that care, even tho you may think there isn’t.People DO care, even if it’s not a family member…. like me :) You just need to reach out, like you have here. So now there are 2 people here ready and willing to hear you and maybe even give you some great advice on what ever problems you are dealing with ♥ You my dear are worth more than any money or anything .. I hope in time you will see this. You are cared about by even me and Chris ( the young man who also wrote you ) and we don’ tknow you , yet. You don’t have to give your personal info out to either one of us. We only want to let you talk and get all this off your mind and out of your heart. You are the future <3 and we care. I know I want this world to be a better place and you would be one of those wonderful people that can and will make this world a better and nicer place. Please give life a chance. I think after the rough and bumpy road of highschool you will see that it was just that, a bump in the road and you are stronger than you think. I believe in you ^ ^

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