4 thoughts on “Comparing Internet Safety Videos

  1. For a fun way for parents to jump-start a discussion about common sense internet and social networking safety, here’s a website that includes an instructional video and a very easy quiz.


    The video is a selection of silly clips supposedly posted to the MySpace pages of the famous auntlee.com puppy and some of her friends. The clips demonstrate mistakes kids can make online.

    The 10 question quiz covers the topics of cyber-bullying, privacy, safety, dangers of spyware and malware, etc.

    The quiz doesn’t really focus on stranger-danger type concerns as much as it gently and humorously reminds the reader that it’s possible to hurt people’s feelings, to mislead people who don’t realize you’re joking, to remember that online postings can be seen by anybody and that postings are often impossible to remove once posted.

  2. What a great post. I hadn’t known the data about who the predators are and that they don’t always pretend to be young. It makes sense really, because when children are groomed and abused by pedophiles in real life, all done through non-Internet connections the child, preteen or teen knows the true identity, age and gender of the abuser and they do choose to allow them into their lives.

    The book “Protecting the Gift” talks at length about the grooming process and what traits child sex abusers look for in children to know who is vulnerable and who will fall for their grooming.

    This whole topic turns my stomach.

    I’m not embarrassed to admit that my kids are not allowed to use social networking sites or do IM or email, even at their age (11 and 8). What kids need at these ages is real life friends who they see face to face. Only just now is my 11 year old son starting to talk on the phone to friends he’s known for years.

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