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5 Ways Sex Gets Better After Giving Up Porn

Everyone wants to have better sex, right? No one explained to me before marriage how pornography use would affect my sex life. Everyone said it was bad, but no one really said why. As far as I could tell as a young man in my twenties, everyone else used pornography…

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“My Boyfriend Watches Porn!” 7 Realities to Consider

If you’ve discovered your boyfriend watches porn, you’re not alone. I got a letter from a young woman asking about how to deal with her boyfriend’s porn habit while dating. She gave me permission to share what she writes. “My boyfriend has been using porn since adolescence. During college he…

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Should Married Couples Fast From Sex During Porn-Detox?

A 90 day sexual fast. That’s right, almost three months of abstinence from sex. This is what many porn addiction counselors prescribe for addicts and their spouses during the initial months of recovery. Why is this? Is this really necessary? Dr. Mark Laaser was a nationally recognized author in the…