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10 Symptoms of Porn Addiction Withdrawal (And How to Manage Them)

On the daunting journey to overcome porn addiction, it’s common to experience withdrawal symptoms—some physical, some mental, and some emotional. It’s similar to how we experience withdrawal symptoms when giving up other things, like drugs, caffeine, sugar, etc. These porn withdrawal symptoms can make quitting incredibly difficult. If you want to…

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10 Signs of Porn Addiction: Do these describe your husband?

Is your husband addicted to porn? If you know—or suspect—he is watching porn, how can you tell if it’s an occasional past-time or a full-on addiction? It can be traumatizing to find out that your husband is entrenched in this habit—and deeply confusing as well. Someone addicted to porn may…

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How to Stop Watching Porn: 6 Essential Steps to Quit

For some, pornography might seem like a harmless pastime, a not-too-serious guilty pleasure, or an embarrassing habit. You might wonder, why should I stop? But maybe you’re one of the many who have realized the devastating effects that porn has on your life and relationships. Maybe you feel trapped and like you can’t stop watching…