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Why People Watch Porn: 7 Reasons It’s Appealing

Why do people watch porn? Does it seem obvious? Um, hello?  It’s porn. But if you stop and think about it,  sex is normally something you do, so why would you want to watch someone else? Why are people so readily drawn to images and videos of sex? Even if…

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Pastors and Porn: Why We Struggle and the Help We Need

For 31 years, I was a senior pastor of three churches, ranging in membership from 200 to 2,000. For every one of those 31 years, I struggled with sex addiction. I know firsthand that pastors struggle with porn and sex addiction at alarming rates. Despite repeated visits to multiple therapists,…

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5 Popular Reasons Why Guys Like to Watch Porn

Many people, especially women, wonder why so many men like pornography. They have difficulty understanding how certain photographs and videos can have such a hold on men’s attention. Men’s attraction to pornography is due to a complex combination of biological, psychological and sociological processes, but they can be condensed into…