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Will God Forgive Me for Watching Bad Things?

When is the last time you were watching something on your phone, your TV, or at the movie theater, and you saw something you shouldn’t? If you’re like most people, it wasn’t long ago. These days it’s hard to avoid watching bad things, even if you aren’t looking for them.…

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No Condemnation For Porn

Many Christians believe two powerful and contradictory lies. On one hand, they tell themselves that watching porn isn’t that bad—it’s a personal decision that doesn’t affect anyone else. On the other hand, they’re terrified of anyone finding out about their porn use, as though it were the most shameful and…

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10 Ways to Pluck Out Your Eye to Avoid Porn

If you are a Christian man who struggles with porn, you’re likely familiar with Jesus’ command to “pluck out your right eye and cast it away” if it causes you to lust after women. But how are you supposed to do this, exactly? After all, you face more visual temptations,…