Some of our most successful affiliates host their own pages on their websites to describe why they recommend Covenant Eyes. Rather than simply linking to our homepage, tell your followers why they need Screen Accountability™. Your advice will lead them to make an informed decision more quickly.

Tips for Creating a Great Landing Page

1. Give the page a clear, descriptive title.

Headlines should be clear and relate to the original link. If you blog about keeping children safe online and refer to Covenant Eyes when you do, your landing page should have a headline like “Keep Kids Safe Online with Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability.”

2. Talk about your followers’ pain.

Chances are, your followers keep returning to you because of your stance on one or two particular issues. Your landing page should talk about Covenant Eyes from that particular issue. If your organization is focused on parenting, then you will want to include stats that talk about how easy it is for kids to access inappropriate content. If you help men break free from porn addictions, you may want to talk about how many men would click on porn links if no-one else would know.

3. Describe us with your followers’ needs in mind.

Just as you want to address your followers’ pain, you also ought to describe how we address that pain. For porn addicts, talk about how our Screen Accountability reports break the secrecy and reduce the temptation. For parents, talk about how the reports can be used to have good conversations about how we use our devices.

As part of this, you should explain why you recommend Covenant Eyes, possibly with a brief personal story of how it has improved your own life.

4. Include a clear link to sign up.

If you talk about Covenant Eyes but don’t make it easy for people to sign up, you’re not going to get many people to follow through. If you have described our services, you can skip linking to our service descriptions and simply link directly to the signup process.

If you use text links, use full sentences like “Click here to sign up!” A full phrase or short sentence is more likely to be clicked. You may also wish to create a button with text like “Get Started with Covenant Eyes.” Make sure that you include your affiliate ID in the link as well as describing any extra benefits your followers will receive by signing up through you.

5. Give them a way to learn more.

Your followers may not be ready to sign up. They may not believe that pornography is a problem in their home. In addition to telling people to sign up, consider offering them one of our free ebooks to learn more about the dangers.

6. Build the page into your navigation.

When a page is built into your site’s navigation, you are telling your followers that you think that page is very important. People who are exploring your site will be highly likely to click the link, whereas putting a banner into the footer or sidebar of your page will look like an advertisement and result in fewer clicks.