Screen Accountability

The internet is changing. Covenant Eyes is too.

The internet is changing.
Covenant Eyes is too.

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A Radical New Approach to Accountability

The way people use the internet is changing. We use apps instead of browsers. We live on our phones. We connect to the world through our screens.

For the past three years Covenant Eyes has been working on a revolutionary screen monitoring technology. This service captures screenshots of your devices, detects sexual images using image analysis, blurs the images, and sends an image report to your Accountability Partner.

Screenshots taken on
your devices.

Image analysis detects
sexual images.

Reports include blurred
screenshots of
questionable images.

Accountability. Reimagined.

The next generation of internet integrity.

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Here’s what people think about Screen Accountability.

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    "I felt good knowing my spouse wasn't seeing anything explicit, while still respecting his privacy with the blurred screenshots."

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    "The added layer of accountability is really helpful, not just for sexual sites, but also in the wise use of my time."

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    "So far it has still provided a good look at my partner's activity and opened doors for us to be able to talk."

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    "There was an initial fear of feeling intrusive, but the images were blurry enough that I didn't feel like I was spying on him."

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