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Celebrating 20 Years of Life-Changing Accountability

Last Updated: July 21, 2021

Moriah Bowman
Moriah Bowman

Moriah Bowman has been using Covenant Eyes since childhood. As a member of the Covenant Eyes team, she is passionate about writing and fighting pornography in the millennial generation. Moriah has a BA in political communications and plays an active role in fostering children of all ages who need a temporary safe home.

Today, Covenant Eyes turns 20 years old!

Twenty years is no small milestone for a company to reach. Only around 20% of companies make it this long. We started when the internet became widely used in private homes in 2000, and we’re still here. I have no idea how many other internet-centered companies were founded during that year, but I’d bet the percentage of those still around is less than 20%.

So why are we still around?

We Want to Help People Live Porn-Free

Covenant Eyes was founded in 2000 when Ron DeHaas realized that filters were just not enough to protect his two teenage sons from the dangers of the internet. He knew that pornography had the potential to destroy millions of families across the world, and he believed there needed to be some sort of accountability to protect both his teenagers, and the rest of the globe. There is a lot more to Ron’s story—loss, new beginnings, hope, and a legacy of family—and he shares that story while commemorating 20 years in the video below.



And so, Internet Accountability was born, and Covenant Eyes has been expanding ever since. Our desire to help people live free from porn and a strong, healthy company culture fuel our growth and give employees a true sense of meaning in our careers. You will not find a single employee at Covenant Eyes who does not care about the mission or the family culture (go ahead, ask every employee!).

Karen Potter has worked for many top-rated companies before starting her position at Covenant Eyes three years ago, and she speaks specifically of Ron’s focus on strong company culture:

“As someone who has worked for some pretty amazing organizations over my 25 years, Covenant Eyes is hands down the best. The genuine care and concern for both customers and employees is evident every day. The model set forth by Ron DeHaas of being a servant leader is the bedrock of this amazing company. It is a real pleasure to call Covenant Eyes home.”

Amanda Powell has worked at Covenant Eyes for seven years and shares a similar respect for Covenant Eyes:

“To work for Covenant Eyes is to work for a company that genuinely cares for their employees, the families of their employees, the community, and the people who use our service. To say that Covenant Eyes is the best company I have ever worked for is an understatement. I know that when I go to work and do my job, I am appreciated and what I am doing makes a difference in the world.”

Why We’re Still in This Fight

Because pornography still exists and is destroying lives, we keep working to fight against it. According to a 2016 study released by the Barna Group:

  • 1 out of 3 Americans seek out porn at least once a month.
  • 68% of those who watch porn are comfortable with how much porn they use.
  • Only 1 out of 3 teens and young adults believe that viewing porn is wrong.
  • 41% of male Christians, ages 13-24, watch porn regularly.

Advancements to technology over the years have only made the problem of porn worse. “Flip phones” became smartphones. Computers became light, easily transportable laptops. Televisions became “smart.” Now the majority of Americans have pornography access in their pocket or by their bedside 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Porn creeps in through social media, emails, text messages, and even on seemingly innocent video streaming sites.

These constant upgrades in everyday technology have required us to change and adapt too.  The text-based accountability for web browsers that we started with 20 years ago was no longer as effective as it once was, so in 2018, Covenant Eyes debuted Screen Accountability. Screen Accountability utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor the whole screen—online and offline. It revolutionized accountability and has helped even more individuals, marriages, and families live free from porn.

2020 and Beyond

When Ron started Covenant Eyes, he believed that even saving just one marriage or family would be worth all the time and money invested into his company. Today the company celebrates 20 years of changing lives, and we’ve received thousands of stories from those positively impacted by Covenant Eyes. Here are a few of them:

“By choosing Covenant Eyes, I have removed the secrecy of the internet. While filters can help and I appreciate them, I personally would rather have another male I know and trust ‘see’ what I’m looking at. It’s about maintaining a dialogue characterized by transparency. And, Covenant Eyes is a wonderful tool from God that helps facilitate that transparency.” —Ryan, Covenant Eyes user since 2009

I love that Ryan uses the word “transparency” to describe the purpose of Covenant Eyes. Porn thrives in secret, and Covenant Eyes works to restore transparency that brings this secret to light in a humble, God-honoring way.

“The accountability features that this app provides is priceless. It has helped me to overcome the temptations that the Internet makes so easy to find. It has restored my marriage, made me a more present father, and a much more productive employee.” —Jason, Covenant Eyes user

“This app has transformed my life and given me peace of mind in my marriage. We will never own tech without it.” —Emily, Covenant Eyes user

We thank God daily for giving us the resources and team to reach millions of people across the world. Our accountability software changes lives, restores marriages, and strengthens families.

Thank you for celebrating 20 years of accountability with us! Here’s to the next 20 years!