Don’t Fight This Battle Alone

Don’t Fight This Battle Alone

I want to see people free from porn, not to just watch it less or settle for “trying harder,” but to conquer it, kill it, and claim victory whilst standing on its dead corpse. Covenant Eyes is ready to stand with you.
John Cooper

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A lot of companies fighting porn start with technical solutions. They believe access is the only problem. Our philosophy is different.

How we help:


With Covenant Eyes, you invite someone you know and trust to hold you accountable as your ally. 

The Covenant Eyes app tracks activity on your devices. The Victory app shares your activity feed right to your ally’s phone.

When you allow someone to see how you’re using your devices, it changes how you use them. Together, these powerful tools bring honesty and transparency to your accountability relationships.

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The Power of Screen Accountability

The Covenant Eyes app monitors your activity. The Victory app does everything else. It’s that simple.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Where the technology happens

Where the technology happens

Covenant Eyes

Sensor App

The Covenant Eyes app allows you freedom through transparency. The app sits quietly on all of your devices, monitors your screen activity, and provides protection through blocking. Install this on all the devices that need to be monitored.

Where the accountability happens

Where the accountability happens

The Victory App

Companion App

The Victory app delivers an easy-to-use activity feed and alerts if concerning activity is detected. Specially curated courses are also available right from the app to help both you and your ally along your journey. Install this to view device activity, receive alerts, and access courses.

We’ve Got the Tools You Need.

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Activity Feed

Your First Steps Toward Victory

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. There are no complicated tiers or packages.

$17/month or $184 annually.

Up to 10 users and unlimited devices.

Covenant Eyes App

  • Powerful AI monitoring
  • Comprehensive blocking
  • Multi-Class Content Rating

The Victory App

  • Easy-to-use Activity Feed
  • Activity Alerts
  • Exclusive mini-courses

Living Free From Porn Has Never Been Easier.