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Dan Lohrmann is an internationally recognized Internet and computer security expert. Currently, Mr. Lohrmann works as the CSO for the state of Michigan. For seven years he served as the Chief Information Security Officer for the Michigan government. He started his career in the National Security Agency, and later worked in England for seven years with Lockheed Martin followed by Mantech International. Dan holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science (CS) from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Bachelor's Degree in CS from Valparaiso University in Indiana. He is the author of Virtual Integrity: Faithfully Navigating the Brave New Web.

Is the iPad the Real American Idol?

I gave my wife Priscilla an iPad for Christmas this year and life will never be quite the same in the Lohrmann household. Yes, she’s owned (and regularly used) desktops, laptops, cellphones and more over…

Can Online Indulgence Be Managed? Lessons From Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I recently read an intriguing Harvard Business Review blog by Alexandra Samuel entitled: The Three Ps of Online Indulgence. This viral guidance begins with the topic of well-known adults displaying split personalities online. While their…