Become an Affiliate

Affiliates Wanted. Tenacity Required.

Every day, Covenant Eyes affiliates change people’s lives. Our affiliates are educating and empowering people to use the Internet safely, while earning income that supports their organizations, ministries, and endeavors.

Our best affiliates are:

  • Hardworking. Being an affiliate is more than just putting a web banner on your site. It requires an investment of your time to reap rewards. It takes work.
  • Strategic. Our best affiliates lay out a specific plan for their promotional efforts and they carry out that plan.
  • Informative. They help their audience understand the “how” and the “why” behind using Covenant Eyes. They share our educational resources, because they want to help people.
  • Intentional. Successful affiliates know their audience and tailor their blog posts, educational efforts, and promotions in ways that resonate and get results.
  • Consistent. Always striving to incrementally improve and keep trying. Success does not happen overnight.

If you have a solid means of promoting Covenant Eyes (website, blog, newsletter, podcast, speaking engagements) and possess the qualities above, we invite you to apply to our Affiliate Program.

How it works:


Teach your audience about the dangers of unmonitored and unfiltered Internet access. We have plenty of resources to get you started.


We’ll give you a unique ID to use in tracking. Include it everywhere you link to us. This will help us track your signups.


When someone signs up for Covenant Eyes using your unique tracking ID, you receive a $20 one time commission for each new signup.

Apply to the Covenant Eyes Affiliate Program

Simply click here to apply. We’ll contact you soon after your application.

If you have questions regarding our program, contact us at