Welcome to Your Browser

Want to make the most out of Covenant Eyes? Here's how:

FirstUse this browser.

Covenant Eyes should be your default browser. While we can monitor other apps, we provide our best accountability inside this browser.


Set up Screen Time to restrict apps.


Turn On Screen Time

Open iOS Settings, select Screen Time, and toggle it on, selecting "This is My iPad/iPhone" as you go.

* Screen Time is called Restrictions on previous iOS versions.


Set a Passcode

Choose "Use Screen Time Passcode" and create a passcode. For the best accountability experience, your trusted ally should create and hold this code.


Set Up App Restrictions

Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions, then go to "Allowed Apps" and toggle off other browsers and any gray-area apps you want restricted.


Disable App Installation and Uninstallation (Optional)

Click iTunes & App Store Purchases. Choose "Don't Allow" for both installing and deleting apps.