You’re not alone.
We’re here to help.

You’ve made great strides in your recovery journey. It hasn’t been easy, but you knew it wouldn’t be. Let’s ensure your success with the help of a Covenant Eyes Guide.

Success Requires a Strong Start

  • Receive caring, confidential phone calls to keep you motivated.
  • Get expert advice on using Covenant Eyes well.
  • Learn how to select an ally to help you reach your goals.

What to Expect


Schedule your first meeting and make the $45 investment.


Speak with our world class Covenant Eyes Guides at a convenient time.


Get resources, tools, and support to jumpstart your recovery journey.


Build on the confidence that you’re starting out strong.

Pricing Information

The beta program costs $45 for six, 45-minute phone calls.

We’re here to walk with you, providing compassionate care and guidance, as you find the freedom you’ve been longing for.