How has the Android™ app changed?

In June 2018, Covenant Eyes released a completely rebuilt version of our app for Android to both provide better, more stable service and to better comply with Google’s app development requirements. While this new version,, brings a lot...

Can I Lock Down the Guest Profile on my Android Device?

Much like computers, some Android™ phones and tablets have the ability to host multiple user profiles, with the intention that each person who has access to the device can have their own applications and information on the device.  Unlike computers,...

How do I uninstall the Android app?

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are currently unable to enforce an uninstall code for removal of the Covenant Eyes app from Android Devices for users who have the ability to generate an uninstall code.

How do I set up the Android app locking?

The Covenant Eyes Android app includes an app locking feature. If you are a parent, we recommend you set app locking restrictions for your kids, and that your Accountability Partner or spouse sets them for you.