What are Concerning Events?

This article explains the types of activity and device usage that will trigger a Concerning Event in the Victory app Activity Summary.

How do I uninstall the Victory app?

The Victory app allows allies to see a constant activity feed, receive activity alerts, and learn about pornography addiction through our educational mini-courses.  Remove the Victory App Select your device below to learn how to remove the Victory app: How do I remove the Victory app from an iPhone®/iPad®? How…

How do I change my activity preferences for the Victory app?

The Victory app allows your allies to see a constant activity feed of your device activity! Any concerning (questionable) activity is shared with your ally by default. But if you want, you can share all your activity. Choose Your Activity Preference Select an option below to learn about sharing your activity…

New: The Victory app!

The Victory App is our new activity and educational app! You can read the FAQs below or visit the Victory home page to learn about Victory.