YouTube and Covenant Eyes

Undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube is a website every person must navigate wisely. This article answers frequently asked questions about YouTube and Covenant Eyes, and provides some tips for parents.

Will the report show all the YouTube videos that were watched?

No. Screen Accountability is focused on what appears on the screen. If YouTube was accessed during the reporting period, the Recap of Activity section of the report may contain screenshots of videos from YouTube.

How will I know if a bad YouTube video was watched?

Screen Accountability takes multiple screenshots each minute at random intervals, scans each screenshot for mature content, and then posts the images on the member’s report. If any screenshots (from YouTube or anywhere else) were rated as concerning, then they will be included in the Screen Activity to Review section. To see a sample report, go to Screen Accountability Report Basics.

Does Covenant Eyes filter inside of YouTube?

Yes, but in a limited fashion.

Covenant Eyes has two filter levels: Standard Blocking and Strong Blocking. Strong Blocking enforces YouTube’s Restricted Mode. It is a YouTube setting “to help screen out potentially mature content that you may prefer not to see…”  It also disables comments on videos. Covenant Eyes does not control the rules by which Restricted Mode operates.  Our Strong Blocking setting is built to harness and enforce the use of Restricted Mode. In practical terms, Covenant Eyes cannot override a video that Restricted Mode blocks.

Can I allow only some videos or channels on YouTube, and keep the rest blocked?

No. At this time, when it comes to blocking YouTube, it’s an all-or-nothing approach.

If you are using our filter service, you have a tool for personalizing your filter – the Custom Website List. You can manually add a site to be blocked or allowed by our filter. This works at the site level, which means you are not able to block/allow certain pages within a site; this includes YouTube. You can block the entire YouTube website, if desired.

Tips for Parents

  • For Android™ devices, download the YouTube Kids app instead of the regular YouTube app.
  • For an iPhone® or iPad®, delete the YouTube app and have your child go to inside the Covenant Eyes browser.
  • Keep family devices in a common area of the house, where you can keep an eye on what videos your children are watching.