What will an ally NOT see on an Internet Accountability report?

This information applies only to Internet Accountability reports.

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Internet Accountability reports contain an overview of the websites you visited. It will include some details; however, there is a short list of what an ally will not see on the report.

1. Internet Accountability reports do not show the sites you visited before Covenant Eyes was installed—Covenant Eyes does not go back into your computer’s history. It only reports your web browsing from the time you install it.

2. Internet Accountability reports never show activity older than 30 days—Covenant Eyes does not save device activity older than 30 days. Allies can save old Accountability reports in their inboxes, but they cannot open any links on reports older than 30 days.

3. Internet Accountability reports do not show private messages—Reports do not include email messages, instant messages, chat conversations, Facebook statuses, or any information you enter into a text field.

4. Internet Accountability reports do not show financial information—Covenant Eyes is not a “keylogger”: it does not record your keystrokes. This means any sensitive financial information, such as a credit card number, will never appear on your reports.

Here is what an ally will see on the report.