What devices does Covenant Eyes work on?

Covenant Eyes works on Android™ phones and tablets, iPhone® and iPad®, Mac® computers, and Windows computers. Specific compatibility details for each system and incompatible devices are listed below:


iPhone® and iPad®

  • Supports: iOS 11+
  • Monitoring: Screen Accountability via random screenshots in the Covenant Eyes browser and domain (website) monitoring in all other apps.
  • Filtering (optional): We offer device-wide filtering in all apps and browsers and a Custom Website List to block or allow specific websites.
  • Uninstall email notification: No
  • How do I get Covenant Eyes on my iPhone® or iPad®? Sign up for Covenant Eyes and install our app on your iPhone®/iPad®. Use Apple’s free, built-in device controls, called Screen Time, to limit apps and content while using Covenant Eyes.



Windows 11 Advisory

Incompatible Devices

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