Why has Covenant Eyes stopped working on my iPhone®?

If you receive an Activity Missing email report, No Screenshots Taken report message, or the Victory app Summary says Covenant Eyes is not installed/active on your iPhone®/iPad®, this article will help you identify the problem.

Install Covenant Eyes

For Covenant Eyes to track and filter your activity on an iPhone®, you have to install the Covenant Eyes from the App Store®!

Do you think you already have the Covenant Eyes app on your iPhone® or iPad®?

  1. Look through your apps and try to find Covenant Eyes.
  2. If you can’t find the Covenant Eyes app, try and open Covenant Eyes from the App Store®.
  3. If you can’t open Covenant Eyes from the App Store®, Content Restrictions may have disabled Covenant Eyes.
  4. If you backed up your iPhone® (with the Covenant Eyes app installed) to iCloud® or another cloud service and transferred the backup to a new iPhone®, Covenant Eyes will not work properly on the new iPhone®. Uninstall Covenant Eyes on the new iPhone® and then reinstall it.

to Covenant Eyes

After you download Covenant Eyes from the App Store®, our app immediately requires you to sign in before you can use it! After that initial sign-in, our app will keep you signed in, but these two instances may occur:

  • If your iPhone®’s operating system (iOS) updates, our app may lose its connection to the internet, and you may get signed out. To check if you’re signed out of Covenant Eyes, open the app and see if you’re prompted to sign in.
  • If another member on your account is signed into Covenant Eyes on your iPhone®, your phone’s activity will appear on the other member’s report or Activity Feed. To view or switch what username is signed into Covenant Eyes, open the Covenant Eyes app menu.

Check for Conflicts

Here are things that can conflict with Covenant Eyes on an iPhone®:

  • Content Restrictions: Apple provides free parental controls, called Screen Time, for iPhone® and iPad®. A specific setting in Screen Time, called Content Restrictions, allows you to set an app age limit for the App Store®. Apps rated above the age range you select cannot be installed, opened, or used. If Content Restrictions are on, our app may be disabled, and you won’t be able to find it on your home screen.
  • VPN: If you installed an app with a VPN or use a VPN for work, it will conflict with Covenant Eyes. Other VPNs conflict with Covenant Eyes because we run a VPN-like process in the background of your iPhone®
  • Mobile Device Manager (MDM): If you installed an app that uses an MDM or if your employer manages your device via an MDM, it will conflict with Covenant Eyes. To check for an MDM on your device:
    1. Open up the iPhone® “Settings” app.
    2. Tap “General.”
    3. Scroll down and tap “Profile.”
    4. If you have an MDM, you’ll see its name on the screen.
  • Monitoring Apps: Other monitoring, filtering, and parental control apps may conflict with Covenant Eyes and cause gaps in reporting. Remove such apps to prevent problems with Covenant Eyes.

Use Safari or Our Browser

Covenant Eyes takes screenshots inside of Safari via our new Safari extension and in our browser on iPhone®/iPad®. So if you’re not using Safari or the Covenant Eyes browser, there won’t be any screenshots from your iPhone®/iPad® on your email report and you’ll see a “No Screenshots Taken” message.

To receive screenshots from your iPhone® on your report and for the best accountability experience:

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