Why has Covenant Eyes stopped working on my iPhone®?

If you are looking at your Screen Accountability report and notice that you aren’t seeing activity from your iPhone® or iPad®, there may be something preventing the app from running properly. Here are a few things you can check:

Is the Covenant Eyes app installed?

Make sure you have downloaded and set up the Covenant Eyes app on your device. Look at your home screen and locate the app. If you don’t see it, follow these steps to either locate it or make it visible again. If you do see the app, please tap it open. If it asks you to complete additional steps, then go ahead and do those steps.

The app is there. Why isn’t it working?

The good news is, the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone is very reliable. So, when you do experience an issue it doesn’t take much to get it back on track. Here is a small set of suspects to look at:

  • Another VPN: Do you use another VPN? If you have installed other apps that use a VPN or if you are required to use a VPN for work, it will not work with Covenant Eyes. This is simply a policy enforced by Apple. Trying to run two VPNs can cause the Covenant Eyes VPN to work improperly and deliver gaps in reporting. Click here for more information about VPNs.
  • A Mobile Device Manager (MDM): Are you required to use an MDM for work? If your device uses an MDM or is managed by your employer, Covenant Eyes likely will not run properly on your device and you will see crashing or gaps in reporting. You can check for an MDM by going to “Settings,” “General,” and scroll to the bottom and tap on “Profile.” In there you may see the MDM set up.
  • Covenant Eyes is not set up: We’ve seen people download the app but not actually install it. It’s like they bought some groceries and left them in the car! The reality is that some features are not enabled until you install the app.  Additionally, it’s possible after an update to the phone, that some features have to be enabled once again. Checking this, it’s easy – 1) open the Covenant Eyes app, 2) ensure you are signed in, and 3) see if it requires you to enable any features. If it doesn’t, move on to the step below.

Tip: Using Covenant Eyes as your default browser is recommended and provides the greatest protection. Here is how to disable Safari and remain accountable.


If the Covenant Eyes app is installed, there is not another VPN or an MDM, delete and reinstall the Covenant Eyes app on your device.

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