Why are the screenshots blurred?

Each person that is involved in the use of our software is unique. People like the wife who just found out her husband’s secret, the college student who struggles to admit an issue, or the ally that just wants to help. Each one matters and each one is served by blurry screenshots.

To serve the needs of allies and members

  • Confirmation. A blurry screenshot of explicit activity is still recognizable as something explicit. The blurring process doesn’t undersell that fact.
  • Peace of mind. Allies will not be able to read normal-sized text that is contained in your blurred screenshot.
  • Privacy. When a member invites a person to help them reach a goal, they don’t necessarily need their entire online life to be on display. Unblurred screenshots of the member’s banking site or email inbox often have little to do with their recovery.
  • Protection. Allies do not need to be put into a situation that may be harmful to them.
  • Security. Capturing and transporting unblurred screenshots that contain personal information would be a security risk for all involved. In addition to our encryption process, blurry screenshots protect your information.

Blurry screenshots serve the various needs of members and allies.

How does Covenant Eyes blur an image?

Blurring is a generic term for what happens when an image is modified. Here are the specific modifications:

  • We add noise to the image. A simple way to understand this step is to imagine our software removing the color from some pixels, so the image appears to have random white dots on it. This begins the blurring process.
  • We do some pixelation to the image. Our AI takes randomly selected pixels and enlarges them, and the image takes on a different look.
  • A picture looks good because neighboring pixels correspond to each other. As the final modification, our program mathematically changes the pixels so they don’t correspond as well. This contributes to the blurry appearance of the image.

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