What do the Ratings mean?

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability monitors all the sites you visit, then displays the most relevant ones in the Accountability Report. (If you want to see the full activity report of absolutely everything, including ads or supporting code, Detailed Browsing Logs are available through My Account.)

Covenant Eyes categorizes all websites into one of six age-based ratings:

E (Everyone)

These sites are fitting for young children.

Y (Youth)

Includes e-commerce sites and material that some parents might question for children under 10.

T (Teen)

Generally appropriate for adults and teenagers, but parents might object to these sites for children. This content may include social networking sites like Facebook, chat rooms, and games with violence.

MT (Mature Teen)

Generally appropriate for adults and mature teenagers. This content includes profanity and mature humor sites, which may be inappropriate for younger teens.

M (Mature)

May be considered appropriate by many mature adults, but is generally inappropriate for teenagers. This content may include dating sites, lingerie, crude humor, intense violence, and material of a sexual nature.

HM (Highly Mature)

Likely to be inappropriate for everyone. This content may include sites that hide a person’s browsing, nudity, erotica, and pornography.

Please note: Owing to the dynamic nature of the Internet, these descriptions are only approximations. For more information, please read What does Covenant Eyes Monitor?