What are Report Sensitivity Levels? Which one should I use?

The article applies to a report for someone using the Internet Accountability service.

Covenant Eyes allows you to select a sensitivity level for Internet Accountability reports that you receive; the level is based on our rating system. A report will show the Viewed Pages, Secondary Content, and Web Content entries that are rated at, or above, the sensitivity level that you picked. You can select a different sensitivity level for each person you hold accountable.

The default sensitivity level will differ depending on whether the member is listed as an Adult or Child. If you find the report is showing more information than you need to see (or too little), you can adjust the sensitivity level in My Account.

There are four sensitivity levels:

  1. T (Teen) Level – This will show all web addresses and searches rated T and above.
  2. MT (Mature Teen) Level – This will show all web addresses and searches rated MT and above.
  3. M (Mature) Level – This will show all web addresses and searches rated M and above. This is the default Report Sensitivity Level.
  4. HM (Highly Mature) Level – This will only show web addresses and searches rated HM.

Let’s say you hold your 12-year-old daughter, your 17-year-old son, and your 45-year-old friend accountable.

  • For your daughter, you may want to keep the report at T, which is the lowest level—it shows everything at T and above.
  • For your son, you may wish to adjust the setting to MT, since he’s at a higher maturity level than your daughter.
  • Since your major concern with your adult friend is that he may be accessing inappropriate websites, you will probably want to set his Sensitivity Level to HM, which will only show those web addresses considered inappropriate for everyone.

Learn how to change your Report Sensitivity Level here. Remember, entries are not removed from your report; the levels simply filter the entries to only show what you want to see. All entries are still available in the Detailed Browsing Log.