Do VPNs work with Covenant Eyes?

This article will discuss VPNs, Covenant Eyes’ VPN-like mobile capability, and how third-party VPNs interact with Covenant Eyes.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a third-party program that connects to the internet on your behalf. So instead of your device connecting directly to the internet, the VPN adds, encrypts, or interprets data before connecting to the internet.

Does Covenant Eyes use a VPN?

For Android™ devices and iPhones®/iPads®, we created and patented a process that works similarly to a VPN. We call this process our Tunneled Monitoring Service (TMS). This process creates an internal, secure tunnel in the background of your device that allows us to monitor your device’s activity.

For Mac® and Windows computers, Covenant Eyes does not use a VPN or TMS.

What’s the difference between a VPN and TMS?

A traditional VPN allows your device to securely connect to an external source or a server. Our TMS runs completely on your device and doesn’t connect to an external source.

Why does my mobile device say you use a VPN?

Covenant Eyes created our TMS, so it’s a new and unique technology. Due to the fact that it is new, most mobile devices recognize and label our TMS as a VPN (even though it works differently than a traditional VPN).


You may see the VPN status displayed on your Android™ device in two places:

iPhone® and iPad®

On an iPhone X or newer, swipe down from the top right-hand corner of your screen to access your Control Center. Next to your Wifi or connection symbol, you’ll see “VPN.”

Do VPNs work with Covenant Eyes?

For iPhone® and iPad®, you cannot use a third-party VPN app and Covenant Eyes at the same time.

For Android™ devices, Mac®, and Windows computers, you can typically use Covenant Eyes and a third-party VPN together. However, if you’re also paying for our Blocking service, third-party VPNs conflict with our filter.

Please note: If your Apple ID is China-based, you will not have access to the Covenant Eyes app. China considers apps with a VPN to be illegal and Apple has removed apps with a VPN from their Chinese App Store.

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