What is Unmonitored Screen Activity? (Android™)

Screen Accountability constantly and randomly captures and analyzes screenshots on your Android devices! The only caveat is our Android app cannot take screenshots when a browser app uses Incognito Mode or an app has special security features in place to protect its content. This article will answer the following questions and suggest some related articles:

What is Incognito Mode?

Some web browsers, (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) offer their users the ability to browse without having their browsing history saved or logged in the app. This is called “Incognito Mode.”

What does this message mean?

On an Android device, if the Covenant Eyes app detects that a browser (i.e. Google Chrome) is in Incognito Mode or our app is unable to take screenshots of an app, we call this “Unmonitored Screen Activity.” The next report will automatically include “Review” in the subject line and an “Unmonitored Screen Activity” message with details about the browser, device, and time frame.

Which app generated this message?

This message occurs primarily when a member uses Incognito Mode in a browser. However, some apps, like streaming apps (because they block our app from screen-capturing) can also generate this message. Here are some app examples that can generate the “Unmonitored Screen Activity” message:

  • Browsers (i.e. Google Chrome) when utilizing Incognito Mode
  • Money transferring or banking apps (i.e. PayPal)
  • Streaming apps (i.e. Comcast’s Xfinity app)

How is this information helpful to me?

Covenant Eyes includes this message on reports to notify allies of potentially harmful online usage that we weren’t able to monitor. Allies, while being supportive, should consider why the member would try to conceal some online activity.

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How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

To prevent this situation and safeguard an Android device, we recommend the following:

  1. Take an inventory of all the browsers on your phone! Delete and remove any browsers that have an Incognito Mode option.
  2. Install a browser that doesn’t have Incognito Mode! Some browsers, like the Spin Browser, don’t have an Incognito Mode option.
  3. Use Covenant Eyes’ App Locking feature to disable the Google Play Store or lock newly installed apps by default! This will help safeguard the member from installing browsers with Incognito Mode.