Understanding Covenant Eyes Blocking



Covenant Eyes partners with CleanBrowsing, a filtering company, to provide domain blocking. This means that if a Covenant Eyes member, who is using the Filter service, attempts to visit a pornographic website on any device, then CleanBrowsing will block the site.

Are there different blocking options?

Yes, there are two blocking levels available:

  • Adult Blocking (standard)

Blocks access to all adult, pornographic, and explicit websites. It does not block proxy or VPN domains. Mixed-content sites (like Reddit) are allowed. Google and Bing are set to use SafeSearch.

  • Family Blocking (blocks more)

Blocks access to all adult, pornographic, and explicit websites. It blocks some proxy and VPN domains. Some mixed-content sites (like Reddit) are blocked. Google, Bing and Yahoo are set to use SafeSearch. YouTube’s (moderate) Restricted Mode is put into action.

How do I change the Blocking level?

The Filter Guardian, whether it’s you or someone else, is the person who can change the settings. To do so, sign into My Account, select “Manage Members,” and click on “Blocking.”

What about apps?

The current focus is using CleanBrowsing’s expertise to block known pornography sites. CleanBrowsing will block access to explicit sites in our app or other apps. If the blocking doesn’t occur, for whatever reason, our Screen Accountability service is ready to capture and report concerning screenshots in those apps. If blocking apps is important in your situation, then you’ll want to read about using Apple’s built-in tool for an iPhone® (Screen Time) or using our App Lock feature for Android™ devices.

What about social media?

With a few exceptions, most social media will be accessible/allowed. With the Screen Accountability service, we’re able to capture and report any concerning screenshots that would result from time spent on a social media site or in a social media app.

SafeSearch is a search engine’s optional, internal filter meant to limit explicit search and image results. When Covenant Eyes blocking is being used, it will automatically enable and enforce SafeSearch for popular search engines.

In My Account, you can select either the Adult Blocking Level or the Family Blocking Level:

  • Adult Blocking Level: enables and enforces SafeSearch for Google and Bing
  • Family Blocking Level: enables and enforces SafeSearch for Google, Bing, and Yahoo

What happened to the Block and Allow List/Blocked Times?

Covenant Eyes no longer offers the Block/Allow Lists or Time Controls. Those features were subsets of our Filter service and challenging for members to set up and maintain. Blocking, powered by Clean Browsing, is our new filter. It is simple, uniform, and consistent across all devices.