Time Controls and Covenant Eyes

A Little History

Covenant Eyes was created to help people experience victory over online pornography. Our original service, Internet Accountability, focused on tracking and rating websites in order to produce a report about someone’s online activity. The Blocked Times feature was added long after that service was deployed. While it served some people well, that feature was not very popular.

Screen Accountability was created to work in today’s technological environment. Screen Accountability uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture and analyze screenshots that foster healthy accountability. Launching that product forced us to do two things: 1) pare down existing features and 2) think about what we really offer.

Right Now

Our software is built to provide material for conversations. Our goal is to provide information that enhances personal growth in productive relationships. We are not the internet police who simply hand out tickets. Unfortunately, our current reports are not formatted that way. They feel more like a report card, than like a tool for personal growth. Because we had to rethink what we’re doing, the report format will change this year (2021).

That also means our software needs to be focused on the same thing. Building time controls into our new technology would be a distraction from that focus. We need to continue investing our resources in things like AI improvements and mobile app stability.

We can’t be all things to all people. We recognize that and want you to find the right tool for your situation.

Suggestions for Time Controls

We know that, in some cases, time controls are important to people. To that end, we encourage you to do three things:

  1. Check the website of the device manufacturer. Some companies build time controls right into their devices, e.g. Xbox has screen time limits. We have articles that contain links to Smart TV manufacturers and makers of gaming consoles.
  2. Search the web for options. Using terms like “parental control software” or “screen time control” will give you a few products to consider.
  3. Check out our friends, Protect Young Eyes! Their focus is educating and empowering parents about how to protect their children online.

Again, we want you to find the right tool for your situation. We stand with you in the fight against online pornography. If we can be of assistance, please contact us.

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