We’re a tax-exempt organization. Will Covenant Eyes charge us sales tax?

This article will explain how we handle tax-exempt organizations that subscribe to Covenant Eyes. Select one of the topics below to learn about tax-exempt organizations:

Will Covenant Eyes charge my tax-exempt organization sales tax?

Many states have laws that require online subscriptions, like Covenant Eyes and Netflix, to charge and collect sales tax. So Covenant Eyes will still charge/collect sales tax from tax-exempt organizations.

Can Covenant Eyes verify my organization’s tax-exempt status and stop collecting sales tax?

No: Covenant Eyes will continue to charge/collect sales tax from all subscribers, including tax-exempt organizations.

Unfortunately, each state has unique tax-exemption requirements and verification processes. Covenant Eyes is not in a position to meet the various conditions.

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How do I show the IRS that Covenant Eyes collected sales tax from my organization?

We encourage you to consult your tax professional or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for assistance filing your tax return and documenting sales tax collections from Covenant Eyes.

If needed, you can view, download, or print all of your invoices and receipts from Covenant Eyes and give them to your tax professional or CPA. To access your invoices and receipts, log in to my.covenanteyes.com with your Covenant Eyes username and password to view your Billing History.

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