Why can’t I stream or cast from my Android™ or iPhone®?

Streaming apps, like Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix, have built-in safety features to protect their copyrighted material from being pirated. These safety features conflict with Covenant Eyes’ device-wide accountability and filtering services. This article will cover:

Why do streaming apps not cast with Covenant Eyes?

There are two settings that prevent streaming apps from casting:

  1. Screencasting: If screencasting is used by an app on the device, the streaming app will block the stream so the material either can’t be played on your device or cast to another device. The Covenant Eyes app uses the screencasting feature on Android™ in order to screen-capture activity across the device.

  2. VPN: If a VPN is used by an app on the device, some streaming apps won’t play content or allow content to be cast to another device. For example, some cable service apps will produce an error and won’t load if it detects a VPN connection. On iPhone®/iPad®, the Covenant Eyes app uses a VPN to monitor web traffic across the device.

Does this conflict happen on computers and phones?

At this time, this conflict is only present on Android™ and iPhone®/iPad®. This means that you can stream and cast from your Mac® and Windows computers while using Covenant Eyes.

Is there anything I can do to fix the conflict?

Our mobile apps use screencasting or a VPN to provide device-wide accountability, so a streaming app may not play its content on your device or allow its content to be cast to another device. Nothing is broken and Covenant Eyes is not blocking the streaming app: it’s just a technical impasse.

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