What does “So sorry, the link has expired” mean?

Occasionally, when inspecting screenshots in an emailed report, you may receive the message “So sorry, the link has expired.” There are three possible explanations for this message and one simple solution.

15 Clicks or 10 Days

To encourage accountability, Covenant Eyes causes screenshots to expire after 15 clicks or after 10 days, whichever occurs first. If you find yourself clicking screenshots in a report and seeing this message, you may have opened the screenshot too many times, or too many days may have passed since you received this report.

Poor Connectivity

Another reason you may receive this message is that the device, on which you are attempting to view the screenshots, has a poor internet connection. If Covenant Eyes cannot establish a good connection, you may receive the message that “…the link has expired.”

How can I see the screenshots then?

While screenshots eventually expire in emailed reports, you are able to generate a report online through your online account any time. An ally may generate and inspect a member’s report as many times as they need to through My Account.

Note: Report data older than 30 days is removed from our servers.

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