How do I download the Covenant Eyes Android™ app from My Account?

On 09/21/22, Google removed the Covenant Eyes app from the Google Play™ Store. We are working with Google to restore it. For now, follow this article to download Covenant Eyes from our online member portal, My Account.

Before You Begin

  • You need a Covenant Eyes subscription before you can download and install Covenant Eyes!
  • If you currently have Covenant Eyes app version 5.23.0, please uninstall Covenant Eyes before downloading the newest version via My Account. For all other versions, you can update without uninstalling first.

Download the Covenant Eyes Android™ app

  1. On your Android™ device, open the Google Chrome app.
  2. Log in to our online member portal, My Account.
  3. Tap the “Downloads” icon (computer with the downward-pointing arrow).
  4. On the Android page, tap the blue “Download” button.
  5. A standard confirmation message will appear. Tap “Download anyway” to continue. Note: “Apk” is a file format. It contains what you need to install and run the Covenant Eyes Android™ app.
  6. Tap “Open.”
  7. You will likely see a message from Chrome about apps from unknown sources. You can tap “Settings” to continue.
  8. On the Install unknown apps screen, toggle the switch on for “Chrome” (the toggle should turn blue). Note: We recommend you search for Install unknown apps in the Settings app and toggle the Chrome switch off after downloading and installing Covenant Eyes.
  9. Next, a Covenant Eyes prompt will appear. Tap “Install.”
  10. Success! Tap “Open” to launch and install Covenant Eyes.
  11. Now read How do I install Covenant Eyes on an Android™ device? to install Covenant Eyes!

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