Sharing a Windows 8 Computer

Covenant Eyes works best when each person in your home uses a unique Covenant Eyes username. The Windows 8 operating system allows you to set up multiple user profiles on your computer. User profiles are free! They improve security and make it easy to share a computer with people that have different Covenant Eyes usernames.

Using multiple Windows profiles (overview)

    1. Create individual Covenant Eyes usernames.
    2. Create a Windows profile.
    3. Install Covenant Eyes on the main profile and the program will be installed on each profile.
    4. When Person A is done using the computer, hit “Windows+L” and the main log-in screen will appear. Whoever comes next (Person B, Person C, or Person X) will have to use his profile password to use the computer.

How to create a Windows 8 profile

    1. Swipe down on the right side of the screen and click “Settings”. At the bottom click “Change PC settings”, then click “Accounts”.
    2. Click “Other accounts” (note: if you don’t see “Other accounts” you are not in an admin profile), then hit “Add an account.”
    3. You can add a Microsoft account here for the new user, or simply  select “Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)” at the bottom, “Next”, and then click the “Local account” button.
    4. Add the name of the account in the “User name” box (normally a first or full name). You can leave the password box empty if you don’t wish to have a password to access the profile. After that click “Next.”
    5. That’s it! Click “Finish” and you can switch to that new profile by opening the Start menu (Ctrl+Esc), tapping the profile icon and selecting the new profile.

Using one Windows profile

Using the “Switch User” option is the only way for members to isolate their own activity when sharing a one-profile device with other members. And, here’s an example of why it’s important:

John doesn’t switch user when he leaves the computer. Fred is the next person to use the computer and he looks at explicit material. But Fred’s report is fine; why? Because John was the one signed into the Covenant Eyes software.

In this example, because he didn’t Switch User, John’s report included Fred’s activity. It is important to use the Switch User option. (And it only takes two clicks to find that option!)

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