How do I use Covenant Eyes on a shared Mac®?

If multiple people are sharing one computer profile on a Mac®, you may see multiple members’ activity on one email report, or in one Activity Feed via the Victory app. This can cause confusion and you may have trouble deciphering what activity belongs to each person.

Why should I use multiple Mac® profiles?

If you use your own Covenant Eyes username and Mac® profile, your email report or Victory app feed will only have your own activity.

If multiple people share one Covenant Eyes username and one Mac® computer profile/login, everyone’s computer activity will be on one, long activity report or Victory app feed. In this case, the activity may be hard to read because you won’t know what activity belongs to each person.

How do I create a new Mac® profile?

To create a new profile on your Mac® computer, follow Apple’s support article instructions about adding new users!

How do multiple Mac® profiles work with Covenant Eyes?

Each person who uses the Mac® also needs their own Covenant Eyes username so that they can sign in to the Covenant Eyes software on his/her own Mac® computer profile. To accomplish this:

  1. Create a Covenant Eyes username for each member on your account.
  2. Create a Mac® computer profile for each member.
  3. Install Covenant Eyes on the main Mac® profile (the Administrator computer profile) and then Covenant Eyes will automatically install across all the Mac® profiles.
  4. When each person is done using the computer, they should hit “Command+Control+Q” on the keyboard and the main log-in screen will appear. Whoever wants to use the Mac® next will have to use their own profile username and password to access the computer.

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