Sharing a Mac® Computer

Covenant Eyes works best when each person in your home uses a unique Covenant Eyes username. The Mac®  operating system allows you to set up multiple user profiles on the computer. User profiles are free! They improve security, allow you to personalize the desktop, and make it easy to share a computer with people that have different Covenant Eyes usernames.

Why set up profiles at all?

In the event that multiple people are sharing one User profile on a Mac, they’ll have to use the Covenant Eyes Switch User option to avoid report confusion. It’s important to switch users when you’re done browsing, otherwise you may see multiple members’ activity all on one report. Here’s an example:

John doesn’t switch Covenant Eyes usernames when he’s done browsing. Susie comes along and uses the Mac, without switching to her username. That session of her online activity will end up on John’s report.

This, of course, can be easily prevented by setting up multiple Mac profiles.

How to use multiple Mac profiles

  • Create individual Covenant Eyes usernames, this is important for report accuracy.
  • Create Mac profiles, details are down below.
  • Install Covenant Eyes on the main profile (aka the Admin profile) and the program will be installed on each profile.
  • When Person A is done using the computer, hit “Command+Control+Q” and the main log-in screen will appear. Whoever comes next (Person B, Person C, or Person X) will have to use their own profile password to use the computer.

Creating a Mac profile

For creating user profiles, we strongly recommend following Apple’s directions.

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