What is Service Interruption on Mac®?

This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity info via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting; it is standard for all new accounts and available to all older accounts.

Service Interruption means Covenant Eyes can’t monitor a Mac® computer because we don’t have access to Screen Recording.

On a Mac® computer running Catalina (macOS 10.15) or higher, Covenant Eyes needs access to the computer’s “Screen Recording” permission to monitor activity. Select an option below to learn more:

What is Screen Recording?

Screen Recording is a privacy setting on Mac® computers. When programs (like Zoom and Covenant Eyes) have access to Screen Recording, they can monitor and view your screen.

What does this message mean?

Starting with Mac® version 3.3.7, Covenant Eyes checks if our access to Screen Recording is enabled or disabled. If Covenant Eyes’ access to Screen Recording is disabled, then a Service Interruption message will appear on the next email report (or in the Victory app Activity Summary).

There are two ways Screen Recording can be disabled:

  1. The member upgraded their macOS® (operating system) to Catalina or higher (10.15+) and didn’t realize they need to enable Screen Recording for Covenant Eyes.
  2. The member intentionally disabled Screen Recording for Covenant Eyes on the Mac®. If this is the case, be sure to re-enable Screen Recording for Covenant Eyes.

How is this information helpful to me?

Covenant Eyes includes this message on email reports to notify allies if we can’t monitor a Mac® computer.

Allies, while being supportive, should consider that this message may have occurred because Screen Recording was disabled by the member.

For more information about the message:

  1. From the Service Interruption message on the report, select the “Inspect” button.
  2. On this screen, you’ll see: the name of the Mac, the date(s) and time(s) the Screen Recording permission was disabled, and how long it was disabled each time.

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How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

To prevent the member from accessing and disabling Screen Recording on a Mac®, create a “Standard user” profile for them to use on the computer. Standard user profiles cannot make changes to system preferences (like Screen Recording) without the Mac® computer’s Administrator password (which the ally, spouse, or friend can keep).