What is Service Interruption? (Mac®)

Screen Accountability is a huge step forward for accountability, but there is an important detail when it comes to Mac® computers using Catalina (macOS®  10.15) and later. When the Covenant Eyes software is installed, it will ask for permission to use the Screen Recording capacities of the Mac. However, if someone gives the permission, they can also take it away.

To counteract this, our software (starting with version 3.3.7) is built to detect the permission level – is it off or on? When detected as being off (a.k.a. disabled), the Service Interruption note will appear in the next report. There are two ways by which the permission can end up being disabled:

  1. The member upgraded their macOS (operating system) to Catalina (10.15) and missed the new settings that need to be taken care of. Use this material to fix that situation.
  2. The member intentionally changed the Screen Recording permission for Covenant Eyes on his/her Mac®. Follow these instruction in order to to turn on the Screen Recording permission for Covenant Eyes.

If you receive a report and a Service Interruption is noted, you can click the “Inspect” button to get more information.

You’ll be taken to the Detailed Viewer and see a screen like the one below. You may have to enter your Covenant Eyes credentials.

No matter the situation, good accountability is conversational. Always keep the lines of communication open! If you have questions about this topic, feel free to contact Member Care.

Note: A member using a Mac Administrator profile is allowed to disable these settings at any time. Though that action will be noted on the member’s next Covenant Eyes report, you may wish to prevent them from altering settings. By creating a non-admin profile on the Mac, what Apple calls a “Standard user,” you can prevent that. Bear in mind, an administrator password will be required for any changes to your computer. For instructions on setting up a Standard user profile on the Mac, please refer to Apple’s support article here.

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