Search Engines and Covenant Eyes

Search engines are powerful tools that help us browse the internet, but they often display a mixture of appropriate and inappropriate results. This article will cover how Covenant Eyes works with search engines and offer some family-friendly alternatives.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is an online tool that helps you explore and find content on the internet. When you type a word or question into a search engine, it will populate relevant websites, images, news, and more! The most popular search engines are,, and

How do search engines limit explicit content?

Some search engines have an internal, optional safety feature called SafeSearch. If you turn on SafeSearch, the search engine will attempt to pre-filter your search and web results. However, SafeSearch does have limitations:

  • It’s not a perfect feature and it doesn’t guarantee that search and web results will be 100% clean.
  • Not all search engines offer SafeSearch.
  • SafeSearch can be turned off/disabled by the user.

In addition to SafeSearch, some family-friendly search engines don’t offer any image or video results.

What free, family-friendly search engines filter their search results?

A search engine with 100% clean results does not exist. But here are some free, family-friendly search engines that may be helpful:

Search EngineWebsite ResultsImage Results Video Results Notes


A good search engine for older kids or pre-teens if you want image and video results.

No Image Results

No Video Results
A good search engine for struggling adults or those in recovery, since there are no image or video results.

No Image Results

No Video Results
A good search engine for younger children with no image and video results.

How do search engines work with the Covenant Eyes filter?

If you are subscribed to our filtering service, we turn on and lock SafeSearch! We’ll also block explicit websites across your Android™ device, iPhone®/iPad®, Mac®, and Windows computer! However, our filter is not image-based, it’s website-based.

This means that our filter is good at blocking pornographic websites, but we are unable to weed out every explicit image and video within a search engine’s results page. For this reason, if you want another layer of protection, set a family-friendly search engine as your default search engine.

Note: you can only set Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in the Covenant Eyes iPhone® browser.

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