Report FAQs

This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity info via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting; it is standard for all new accounts and available to all older accounts.

Our monitoring software, Screen Accountability, captures and analyzes screenshots on your devices! Then we email a report of your activity to whomever you’d like so that you can have conversations about your activity.

Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn about reports:

What does a report look like?

Review the annotated report sample below to learn about the different report sections and see what a report looks like:

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What does a report’s email subject line mean?

When we email a report to you or an ally, it will have one of the following subject lines in the email:


This subject line means that we detected activity and didn’t detect any explicit screenshots.

Activity Missing

This subject line means one or more of the following:

  • There are no screenshots on the report because the member didn’t use their devices.
  • There are not any iOS DNS domains.
  • We weren’t able to take screenshots on the member’s devices because the Covenant Eyes software is out of date.
  • Read “Activity Missing” on the Screen Accountability Report for more information.


This subject line means one or more of the following:

How do I change a report’s frequency?

By default, we automatically email reports every day. But you can choose the report frequency (daily, every three days, or weekly).

At any time, you can also view your report or the report of someone you’re helping via our online member portal, My Account.

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Are there websites listed with the screenshots on the report?

No, the Screen Accountability reports will not contain the URLs or web addresses associated with each screenshot. However, we will display each screenshot’s time, date, app name, and window title.

Note for iPhone® and iPad® users: The Mobile Background Data report section will contain websites/URLs from app activity. This report section will only appear for iPhone® and iPad® users.

Why are the screenshots blurry?

All screenshots on each report are blurred to protect the member’s private information. To learn more, read Why are the screenshots on the report blurred?

Can I reduce or remove the blur on a screenshot?

If an ally wants further clarity on a screenshot in the report, you can briefly reduce the screenshot’s blur level for a slightly clearer image.

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Can I contact Member Care to look at a report with me?

Our Member Care team does not have access to screenshots/reports and cannot answer questions about specific screenshots. You can briefly reduce the screenshot’s blur level for a slightly more transparent image, which should provide insight into the screenshot’s nature.

Can I stop receiving my report?

Yes, you can log into your Covenant Eyes account online and remove yourself as your ally; this will only prevent you from receiving email reports. You can still generate your report online.

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