Screen Accountability FAQs

The Covenant Eyes app uses Screen Accountability, our monitoring technology, to capture and analyze your device’s screen for explicit material. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Screen Accountability:

How does Screen Accountability work?

  • The Covenant Eyes app captures screenshots of your device’s screen at least once per minute.
  • We use artificial intelligence to detect sexual images.
  • All screenshots are blurred to protect privacy.
  • We highlight questionable screenshots in the email report or Victory app for your ally to review.
  • In addition to questionable screenshots, we will provide a random sample of non-explicit screenshots for context.

What does “artificial intelligence” mean?

We built an advanced image-recognition program to recognize pornography. It determines the probability of pornography being present on the screen.

How will reporting work?

  • Older accounts receive activity via email reports. The member’s screenshots are broken up into two main sections in the report: Concerning Screenshots (questionable screenshots) and Recap Screenshots (“clean” screenshots).
  • Newer accounts receive activity via our free Victory app! (Old accounts can start using Victory for free.)
  • The video below explains how Covenant Eyes and Victory pair perfectly together to provide powerful accountability:

What devices are compatible with Screen Accountability?

Screen Accountability works on iPhone®/iPad®, Android™, Windows, and Mac®.

On Android™, Mac®, and Windows: Screen Accountability monitors all your apps/programs, whether you use Google Chrome, the YouTube app, or Instagram, to keep temptation at bay.

For iPhone® and iPad®: Screen Accountability works within the Covenant Eyes browser app while still providing your device-wide domain monitoring via a VPN-like process.

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How does Screen Accountability work on iPhone/iPad?

Covenant Eyes works on iPhone®/iPad® in two ways: Screen Accountability within the Covenant Eyes browser app and domain (website) monitoring across the rest of the device.

For the best protection on an iPhone®/iPad®:

We recommend pairing Screen Time (Apple Parental Controls) with Covenant Eyes on your iPhone®/iPad® to disable Safari and the ability to install/delete apps.

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Does Screen Accountability filter explicit content?

We offer an optional filter! You don’t have to use filtering if you don’t want to.

There are two filter options called Blocking Levels:

  • Standard (default): Blocks access to all adult, pornographic and explicit sites.
  • Strong: All Standard Level Blocking plus proxies, VPN domains, and some mixed-content sites (like Reddit) are blocked. Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo are set to SafeSearchYouTube is set at Restricted.
  • Custom Website List (comes with both levels): You and/or your Filter Guardian can also personalize your filter by blocking and allowing specific websites with the Custom Website List. To learn more, read Filter FAQs.

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How are you protecting my privacy?

Guarding your privacy is very important to us! We blur all your devices’ screenshots to protect your private information while holding you accountable.

Here is how our monitoring and privacy process works:

  • The Covenant Eyes software on your device captures a screenshot.
  • The software looks for explicit content in the screenshot via artificial intelligence.
  • The software shrinks the screenshot.
  • The software censors the screenshot by adding: noise, pixelation, and blur.
  • The software sends the blurred screenshot to our database using HTTPS (a secure communication process).
  • We store the blurred images on our secure database that uses AES 256-bit encryption (the same security banks use).
  • We store the blurred images for 30 days, then permanently and irretrievably delete them from our database.

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What about HIPAA, FERPA, etc.?

At this time, we are not pursuing HIPAA or FERPA compliance. Every member should decide if our blurring technology and storage systems are compliant with the laws and regulations for their situation:

  • We never send clear images from your device; we blur all images.
  • Our blurring process renders most, if not all, text unreadable.
  • Blurred images are stored on servers using AES 256-bit encryption (the same security banks use).
  • We keep the blurred images for 30 days, then permanently and irretrievably delete them from our database.
  • Covenant Eyes Privacy Policy
  • User-Privacy Agreement

If partners text each other personal photos, will Screen Accountability report them?

On Android™ devices, Screen Accountability scans the entire screen for explicit content, including text messaging apps.

If you and your partner send personal images to each other, we suggest you select your partner as your only Covenant Eyes ally.

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