SafeSearch and Covenant Eyes

If you are new to Covenant Eyes or you want to add our filtering service (which blocks explicit websites) to your account, this article will help you learn what SafeSearch is and how it impacts our filter.

What is SafeSearch?

Some search engines (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) have an internal, optional safety feature called SafeSearch. If you turn on SafeSearch, the search engine will attempt to pre-filter your search and web results.

Does SafeSearch block all explicit content?

SafeSearch does have some limitations:

  • It’s not a perfect feature and it doesn’t guarantee that search and web results will be 100% clean.
  • Each search engine has a different definition of what is inappropriate (violent, pornographic, etc.).
  • Not all search engines offer SafeSearch.
  • SafeSearch can be turned off/disabled by the user.

Can SafeSearch be turned off?

If Covenant Eyes is installed, SafeSearch cannot be turned off. Covenant Eyes leverages SafeSearch by automatically enforcing it on devices that have our program installed and have a filtered username signed-in. This means that our software will turn on and lock SafeSearch so that it cannot be turned off!

If Covenant Eyes is not installed, SafeSearch can be turned on and off via the search engine’s settings in the browser.

How can I add filtering to my account?

If you are interested in adding filtering to an already-existing Covenant Eyes username and/or member, you can follow these steps.

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