SafeSearch and Covenant Eyes

If you are new to Covenant Eyes or are exploring the option of adding filtering to your account, this article will help you learn what SafeSearch is. If you already use Filtering through Covenant Eyes, this article will be a review of the details.

What is SafeSearch?

SafeSearch is a feature offered by search engines like Google and Bing. It can be turned off or on. When enabled, SafeSearch will filter out inappropriate content from the search results. Each search engine makes its own definition of what will be classified as inappropriate (violent, pornographic, etc.), and no search engine gives a 100% guarantee of its SafeSearch feature.

SafeSearch and Covenant Eyes

On top of our Filter service, which automatically prevents members from visiting pornographic websites, we also enforce SafeSearch. This means that our software will lock down the use of SafeSearch. Covenant Eyes leverages this feature by automatically enforcing SafeSearch on devices that have our program installed and the signed-in username has our Filter service.

While SafeSearch is a great addition to our Filter, it may not completely eliminate adult material or explicit content from appearing in the search results. Again, this service, while leveraged by Covenant Eyes, belongs to services like Google and Bing and they determine what meets their criteria for being “inappropriate.”

How can I add it to my account?

If you are interested in adding filtering to an already-existing Covenant Eyes username, you can follow these steps.

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