How do I refresh Covenant Eyes?

After making changes to the Covenant Eyes Filter, the Covenant Eyes software needs to be refreshed to make the changes effective.

Refreshing on Android™ phones and tablets

To refresh the Covenant Eyes Android app, open the app. In the menu you will see the “Refresh” option. Press that line and, in a moment, confirmation will appear!

Refreshing on iPhone® or iPad®

Open the Covenant Eyes app and click the menu icon. It’s the silhouette in the upper right-hand corner, next to the search bar. After that you’ll see a list of options. Select the “Refresh” option and moments later you will see the confirmation message.

Refreshing on Mac

Click on the Covenant Eyes icon in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen near battery status, date, and time. From the drop-down menu select “Refresh Covenant Eyes,” and a moment later you’ll see the confirmation message.

Refreshing on Windows

To access the Covenant Eyes icon, open the Hidden Icons by clicking the white arrow (^) symbol in the lower, right-hand corner of the screen. Next, click on the Covenant Eyes icon. Then select “Refresh Covenant Eyes.”